Yamaha 2017 FZ-10 Naked Sportbike Overview


  • 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 Naked Sportbike
  • Engine: 998 cc Crossplane Crankshaft, liquid-cooled DOHC inline four-cylinder
  • Available in two colors: Matte Raven Black and Armor Gray
  • Suggested retail price: $12,999

Photo courtesy www.yamahamotorsports.com.


The liter-class streetfighter field may be one of the most populated on the market, with most manufacturers putting up contenders. Yamaha’s 2017 FZ-10 is new to the game, but may in fact be one of the best liter-class streetfighters available. The FZ-10 is essentially the YZF-R1 stripped down to the basics, so it still has the same powerful and impressive 1000cc Crossplank Crankshaft four-stroke engine, but makes for a more comfortable, convenient, and affordable every-day ride.

Naked sportbikes in general have not always been the most popular—partly because riders tend to prefer flashier looking bikes—though their popularity has improved in recent years. While some associate simpler looking bikes has having less power, a “naked bike” usually refers to a bike with a somewhat upright riding position that also lacks large fairings and a windscreen. Benefits of a naked bike typically include a more affordable price tag, better fuel economy, improved maneuverability in traffic, and quick and lightweight handling.

Despite the stripped down “naked” nature of the FZ-10, the bike is certainly not lacking in looks or performance. The powerful bike as been retuned for torque, providing an incredibly smooth ride without sacrificing any of the fun. Ultimately, the FZ-10 makes for a perfect mix between a straight up sport bike and an upright touring bike.


The Crossplane Crankshaft engine from Yamaha’s praised YZF-R1 superbike has been retuned specifically for the 2017 FZ-10, resulting in excellent low- and mid-range torque. The FZ-10 engine also comes with two particularly notable features: Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), a throttle system that provides the rider with unparalleled engine control, and D-Mode which lets the rider select an engine response by simply flicking a switch.

Yamaha also including a number of notable features meant to improve the riding experience in a variety of conditions. The adjustable traction control system, for one, helps the rider manage tractions on a variety of road conditions. The 2017 FZ-10 boasts a fully adjustable KYB suspension, for impressive handling on various street conditions. And lastly, a powerful anti-lock breaking system gives the rider considerable control when stopping.

Beyond the top-notch engine and performance, the Yamaha 2017 FZ-10 is built to both look and feel good while riding it. The ergonomics of the bike provides for a comfortable, all-day ride, while the edgy styling gives the FZ-10 a not-so-naked look. Coming in at 463 pounds ready-to-ride, the FZ-10 is actually pretty light compared to other large sportbikes, and the 4.5 gallon fuel-capacity and 30 mpg fuel economy help make this a very convenient every day ride.

Here’s a summary of some notable specs and features on the 2017 Yamaha FZ-10:

  • 998 cc Crossplane Crankshaft
  • Four-stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC inline four-cylinder
  • Bore & stroke: 79.0 x 50.9 mm
  • Compression ratio: 12.0:1
  • Six-speed transmission
  • Assist-and-slipper clutch
  • KYP suspension
  • Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) with incredibly precise engine control
  • D-MODE, allowing rider to select preferred engine response with the flick of a switch
  • Fuel capacity: 4.5 gallons
  • Fuel economy: 30 miles per gallon
  • Cruise control
  • Frame-mounted bikini fairing
  • Higher handlebars
  • Lack of fairings
  • Gated display with LCD screen


According to Yamaha, the emphasis for the 2017 FZ-10 is on torque, agility, and value—which becomes apparent when you actually ride it. The bike truly shines in the mid-range and even low-range torque, particularly in comparison to the R1. The chassis and engine provide for a bike that is truly remarkable in the tight twists and turns. The lightweight build allows for a machine that the riders can seamlessly manhandle or go more smoothly.

The main take away from a ride on the FZ-10 is how well built and quick it truly is. It seems to effortlessly combine the power and fun of a hardcore sportbike, with a more comfortable upright touring bike. The tall seat, somewhat upright seating position, and high handlebars make for very comfortable and yet totally maneuverable ride. The best way to summarize a ride on the 2017 FZ-10 is incredibly fun and agile with enough comfort to go for a long time.

In fact, Yamaha has said that they anticipate people to use it as a sport-tourer, and henceforth they are already planning a catalog release that includes a range of windshields, pannier bags, and additional accessories to better accommodate and encourage use of the FZ-10 on longer rides.

Ultimately, the appeal of the 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 to most riders will likely be how easily it can transition from a leisurely, comfortable cruise, to an aggressive, pavement-burning, turn-conquering ride. Riders pining for the comfort and every day roles of a streetbike, but also longing for some power and maneuverability, will likely find their match in Yamaha’s 2017 FZ-10.