Wisconsin Allows UTVs on Trails

Beginning July 1, 2012, Wisconsin will start letting UTVs ride along side ATVs on their trails.  One of the nice things about a UTV as opposed to an ATV is the option to bring along a companion for the ride.  A family of four to six can take a fun vacation in the woods with one vehicle instead of four, or a husband and wife can enjoy a weekend away riding together.  Hunters can ride together deep into the woods and stay together as a group, making the trip more fun for everyone.

UTVs will be required to follow the same rules and laws currently in effect for ATVs, including registering your UTV for a cost of $30.00 for two years, this includes vehicles weighing up to 2,000 pounds and able to seat up to six passengers.

With the ever-expanding amount of UTVs being introduced into the market as well as upgrades and cool features, this could be a great addition to the family vehicles made for fun!