What You Should Know When Buying from Yamaha Motorcycle Dealers

What Machine to Buy from Yamaha Motorcycle Dealers?

Before thinking of swiping your credit card to buy a motorcycle, there are still things that you should consider before making your purchase. Yamaha motorcycle dealers are experts in teaching you about the motorcycles they sell, but before you actually make that purchase, you should know what you want first, and think about where and how you’re going to use the motorcycle.

Do you want to ride a big bike, a scooter, a sport bike, or a cruiser motorcycle? Are you going to use it to race or for everyday transportation? If it is going to be for everyday use, is it a short or long commute? These are all things to consider when you are searching for your Yamaha Motorcycle.

You might be drooling to own a 600 to 1000cc motorcycle as your first bike, but how much experience do you have? If this is your first motorcycle, perhaps you should consider a bike with a little less horsepower, like 250-500cc’s. A smaller bike would be much easier to maneuver and give you a chance to learn how to ride safely.

Once you’ve narrowed down your Yamaha motorcycle options, it’s time to head to a Yamaha motorcycle dealer in your area.

How Do You Know That They are the Best Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer in Town?

Well, knowing whether they are the best for you, largely depends on your preference. For example, do you just want the best price, and really don’t care if they are interested in your skill level. Also consider if you are looking for an order taker, or a salesmen that can provide you with detailed information on your motorcycle including introducing you to a parts or service representative that can help you make your riding experience even more enjoyable.

In general, most people look for a Yamaha motorcycle dealer that has solid reputation. References from you fellow riders would be a great place to start. If you are new to motorcycles, read up, research and check web reviews if possible. Go to several motorcycle dealers. Observe how they treat you and how they answer your questions. This way, you will get an idea of their knowledge and will also get an idea of how you will be treated on your return visits.

When You’re Ready To Purchase

If you are considering financing your Yamaha motorcycle, make sure you bring proper identification, and if you think you will need one, a co-signor. Also be prepared with a down payment, as most finance companies require a minimal down payment and it will also keep your payments lower. You may want to contact your insurance company in advance to find out what the insurance will cost, a good dealership can provide your insurance company with all the information they need to get you an accurate quote. Realize the price of the motorcycle is not the price on the bike, there are often freight fees, prep fees, documentation fees, and of course license fees and taxes. You may also want to purchase some extra products as well, such as gap insurance or an extended warranty (always something you should consider!).

Buying a motorcycle is not that different from purchasing a car. But, a motorcycle is often a luxury, while a car is considered more of a necessity, so be vigilant in your search for the right Yamaha dealership and you will be rewarded with years of riding fun.