What Yamaha Owners Should Know about Yamalube

Yamaha Motor Corporation sells motorcycles, dirtbikes, scooters, atvs, snowmobiles, watercraft, and marine engines every day. Along with the ownership of these products, comes the responsibility of maintenance to keep them running at peak performance.  Yamaha engine engineers worked in conjunction with Yamaha oil engineers to create the ultimate oil for their products, which are available for all consumers to see on the recently launched website, Yamalube.com.

Yamalube products are not limited to just engine oil.  Here is a sample of some of the products made by Yamaha:

  •  Lubricants – including brake fluid, synthetic grease, gear oil, snowmobile suspension grease, tire mount lube and more
  • Quality Care Products – including detailing kits, spray wax, mink oil, carpet cleaner and more
  • Maintenance Products – including battery terminal cleaner & protector, air filter cleaner, chain lube and more
  • Additives – including ring free, fuel med, fuel stabilizer and more
  • Pumps/Fork Oils – including suspension oil, fork oil, flexible pour spouts and more
  • Adhesives – including different yamabond strengths for different applications, thread sealant and more

No matter what type of Yamaha you own, from a V-Star 650 to a YZFR-1, or a snowmobile, or even an outboard motor, Yamalube.com can provide you with all the information on the products available for you, designed especially for your vehicle