What consumers should know about the Suzuki Brake Recall

Suzuki Motorcycle Brake Recall

With over 200,000 Suzuki motorcycles being recalled for a brake issue, there are certain things consumers should know as both they and dealers await the detailed information from Suzuki about the Suzuki motorcycle brake recall.

  1. The Suzuki brake recall includes the GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 model years 2004 through 2013.
  2. The Suzuki brake recall also includes the GSX-R1000 model years 2005 through 2013.
  3. The very popular Suzuki Hayabusa, also know as the GSX1300R, has not been included in the recall.
  4. The issue is the combination of older brake fluid and corrosion of the brake piston inside the front brake master cylinder forming a gas that reduces fluid pressure transmission to the front brake, thus reducing braking power and increasing the risk of a crash.
  5. Suzuki has reported that there have not been any injuries related to this recall.
  6. Even though many Suzuki motorcycle dealers have closed, consumers can go to any authorized Suzuki motorcycle dealer to get the necessary repairs completed.
  7. Suzuki is expected to start providing their dealers with the necessary parts needed for the repair on November 4, 2013.
  8. All repairs are done free of charge to the consumer.

Since this Suzuki brake recall involves motorcycles nearly 10 years old, consumers should be aware of certain steps they should take if they are the second or third owner of the motorcycle.  Owners of the affected motorcycles can start contacting either Suzuki or a local dealer now in an effort to get Suzuki’s ownership records updated so they will receive notification if their motorcycle is involved in the Suzuki brake recall.  A simple phone call providing the VIN (vehicle identification number) and their personal information will provide Suzuki with the proper information to send out any related safety issue recalls that have or have not been performed on their motorcycles.