What are Naked Motorcycles? AKA Naked Bikes….

Standard motorcycles, sometimes referred to as “Naked” bikes have been around for a long time.  When motorcycles were first introduced to the public, these were the original standard motorcycles that have since returned to the market to attract buyers looking for a basic motorcycle with a comfortable, upright, riding position. Attractive to beginners, these naked bikes don’t come with all the plastics and fairings, so a minor incident or fall doesn’t cost a fortune when repairs are necessary.  Naked bikes are designed with the foot pegs and shifters centered below the waist of the rider for better balance and comfort. Not only a good choice for beginners, novice riders are buying them as well, they provide the power and the speed of a sport bike, but offer the comfort of a cruiser.  The price is nice also; these naked bikes are very affordable and still come with some great features.

Examples of Naked Bikes

 Two popular models on the market are the Yamaha FZ8 and Kawasaki Versys.  The Yamaha FZ8 is brand new for 2012, and comes with a smaller engine than it’s bigger brother, the FZ1. This is perfect for riders looking to start out at 800cc’s as opposed to 1000cc’s. The Versys has a 649cc engine, making it a great choice for either local commuting or driving down the back roads.

Yamaha FZ8

 The Yamaha FZ8 starting hitting showroom floors in October 2011, with a price tag starting at $8690. This matte black bike with an exposed, liquid-cooled engine comes with fuel injection, and can get almost 40mpg.  With a 4.5-gallon gas tank, not only can you make it nearly 175 miles without a fill-up, it can save you some cash if you use it for your daily commute.  The fuel tank is slender where it meets the rider which contributes to the bike’s great handling.

Kawasaki Versys

 The Kawasaki Versys has been on showroom floors in the United States since 2007 with a starting price for 2012 at $7899.  It’s both reliable and easy to maintain with a liquid-cooled engine and controlled timing system that never requires an adjustment.  Also fuel-injected, this bike comes with a 5 gallon gas tank and depending on how it’s driven, can also get in the range of 40mpg. You can get the 2012 model in either solid black, or black and yellow. Another great feature available on the Versys is the adjustable windscreen, which can easily adjust to three different heights.

 Well, there you have it, the naked bike story (or a least the shortened version). Whether you are new to motorcycling, or just looking for a different style of riding, go to your nearest Yamaha or Kawasaki dealer and check one of these great bikes.