Website Offers Easy Way To Compare Motorcycle Insurance

Bike owners can spend a lot of time looking for affordable motorcycle insurance. Now they can go to one website, enter their zip code, and find out which insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance in their State. Until recently, The Auto Pros Company only offered a way for consumers to research insurance for cars, trucks or SUVs on-line, but with such high demand for affordable motorcycle insurance, expanded their database to include that information for motorcycle owners.

When you go to the site you will be required to enter your zip code.  A listing will then appear on the page showing you the motorcycle insurance carriers in your State. Motorcycle Insurance carriers for nearly every state listed include: (this is another website that can either get you an instant quote or send your information to agents simultaneously to find you the best quote), Allstate Insurance, Geico Insurance, Progressive Insurance and Dairyland Cycle Insurance.  Some states have additional motorcycle insurance carriers, for example, Texas has an esurance link for motorcycle coverage and California has a link for California Motorcycle Insurance.

Although the website does list all the insurance providers in your state, you are still required to enter much more than your zip code to actually get a quote.  One insurance company offers “affordable protection” while another offers “low rates and lots of discounts” and a third promises “great protection for you and your bike”, but until you actually go into the different providers’ websites, you really won’t get much information at all.

It is nice for consumers to be able to go to one website and connect to the motorcycle insurance providers in their own backyard. Consumers don’t waste time calling and sitting on hold or entering a load of personal information on-line only to find out they are not eligible for coverage based on the State they live in.  It’s worth checking out the site if you are new to motorcycles to find out what your options our before you lay down thousands of dollars on a new motorcycle. It’s not bad either if you are looking to save some money on your motorcycle insurance – isn’t everybody?