Victory Motorcycle Recall Includes Over 6000 Motorcycles

Polaris will be issuing a Victory Motorcycle Recall that will include over 6,600 motorcycles. The announcement came from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration along with the information that the recall involves throttle cable retention nuts that may not have been torqued correctly from the factory.

A procedure that should have been done at the factory may have been overlooked that involves correctly torqueing some throttle cable retention nuts.  These nuts, located closest to the throttle body can become loose, once they are loose they can become dislodged and interfere with the function of the throttle. This can increase the risk of a crash resulting in serious injuries or death.

Models Included in the Victory Motorcycle Recall:

  • 2013 Boardwalks
  • 2012-13 Cross-Country, Cross Roads, Hammer, Hard-Ball, High-Ball, Jackpot, Judge, Vegas & Visions
  • 2012 Kingpins

Owners will be notified after October 12, 2012 if their motorcycle is included in the recall. They should take their motorcycle to a factory-authorized dealer to get the torque on these nuts checked, and if necessary re-torqued, free of charge.