The Yamaha Star Cruiser Line-up

What is a Yamaha Star Motorcycle?

 Yamaha Star Motorcycle is a separate brand name under Yamaha Motorcycle Usa that features a line-up of unique cruisers. Yamaha developed several different series of cruisers under the Star brand name to cater to the needs of different motorcycle riders.

The Yamaha Star Brand was created in 1994. Despite having it’s own label, the Star line-up can be found in every Yamaha motorcycle dealership. The Star’s distinct features became so popular among cruiser customers, the Yamaha Star brand name became it’s own separate company in 2006.  However, Yamaha still handles all design, production and distribution through it’s offices in Cypress, California.

Different Models of Yamaha Star Motorcycles

Today, Yamaha Star Motorcycle has several models of motorcycles that are perfect for cross country touring or local cruising. The numerous options give customers the freedom to choose the best fit for their needs. Listed below are the different models you can find in Yamaha dealers across the country.

The Road Star Yamaha Star Motorcycles

This series is known for its large engine displacement and ease in customizing it and making it your own.  No need to buy a bike equipped with a bunch of accessories you’re not interest in. There are three popular models to choose from; they are the Silverado, the Road Star S, and the basic Road Star model. The Silverado is the top-end model with a windshield, large passenger seat and ample storage space. The S model designation indicates this model carries a little more chrome than the basic model. The basic Road Star is just that, but the big displacement and rear passenger seat can offer any rider or couple a great cruise around town or a long distance trip.

The Royal Star Yamaha Star Motorcycles

 The Royal Star series was first available in Yamaha dealerships in 1999. The Yamaha Royal Star was offered in two different models, the standard model which you could accesserize with a windshield and bags, or the tour classic that came with the windshield and bags already on the bike. Both bikes came in a classical design that mimiced the look of Indian motorcycles

The Stratoliner Yamaha Star Motorcycles

 The Stratoliner, also known as the Yamaha XV1900A series, is a larger bike than the Road Star, and unike the Road Star, comes with accessories like a windshield, backrest and saddlebags on all three models.  However, like the Road Stars, you can find them in three different models: the standard Stratoliner, the Stratoliner S, and the high-end Stratoliner Deluxe.

The Warrior Yamaha Star Motorcycles

 The Warrior series is built not only for touring but also for high speed cruising. Considered a cross between the looks and driveability of a cruiser, yet the speed of a sportbike, this series is driven in several drag racing events under the cruiser class, and it simply delivers. There are two models available, the Warrior and the Midnight Warrior models, the differences are in the paint scheme and should a rider choose the Midnight model, there cost difference is a mere $200.

The Stryker Yamaha Star Motorcycles

 If you like the look of a chopper motorcycle with the comfort of a low seat and a relaxed, comfortable riding position, then the Stryker is the ideal model to choose. This bike comes in one of two trim packages, chrome or black. And even with it’s large liquid cooled engine, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

The Raider Yamaha Star Motorcycles

 The Raider is the first street-legal motorcycle to have a 6-degree yoke angle, offering a custom look with great cruisablilty. This bike offers an estimated 42 mpg on the highway, letting the driver go farther distances between fill-ups. Like some of the other star models, you can choose one of these three raiders to suit your needs: the Raider, the Raider S, and the Raider SCL.

The Roadliner Yamaha Star Motorcycles

 The Roadliner possesses both power and looks with its elegant design and commanding engine that provides better control on the road. Yamaha has designed a list of high-quality accessories that you can install on the Roadliner to make it your own. The Roadliner comes in either the S model, with chrome features, or the Midnight model, having blacked-out components throughout.

The VMax Yamaha Star Motorcycles

 A class by itself, the VMax is a muscle cruiser-bike popularly known for its state-of-the-art features and extremely powerful engine. This high-end bike has what it takes to cruise and at the same time travel to distant places. Production was stopped for a few years, but due to the bike’s popularity, Yamaha recently  reintroduced the bike to the public.

Yamaha Star Motorcycles has many different series and models to offer comfort, speed, performance and even fuel ecomony. We’d love to hear your Yamaha adventure or share your favorite Star model with us.