The Reasons Riders Choose Three Wheel Motorcycles

Three wheel motorcycles are becoming more common on the streets. Three wheel motorcycles can be an option for a rider who wants to ride, but just doesn’t have the strength to support a two-wheel motorcycle. When they first came out, you would see the third wheel on the rear of the motorcycle, in more recent years you can now find the third wheel on the front. Conversions kits are also available, another option when you want to convert the motorcycle you already own.

Here are some of the reasons riders opt for the three wheel motorcycles.

Stability: Not only is the bike more stable for the rider, but it makes carrying a passenger much easier. The driver has the weight of the passenger evenly distributed on the back of the motorcycle. On a two-wheel motorcycle, the driver has to balance both the bike and the passenger both at a stand still and going into turns. Drivers often find that braking is also easier with a passenger when braking on a three-wheel motorcycle as opposed to a two-wheel motorcycle. Three wheel motorcycles also allow for more traction in difficult weather conditions.

Amenities: Storage is an added luxury with three-wheel motorcycles, along with the option of adding a hitch for a trailer. Owners of three wheel motorcycles find themselves installing stereos with I-pods, GPS Systems, Heated Accessories and a variety of other options.

Engine Size and Automatic Transmission: Some riders prefer a motorcycle instead of an automatic scooter, and a three-wheel motorcycle gives them that choice. A rider is also limited in cc size on a scooter, (generally around 600cc’s) but the cc size on three wheelers can get over 1800ccs. Three wheel motorcycles can be found with manual, semi-automatic or automatic transmissions.

There are many reasons to purchase a three-wheel motorcycle; stability, amenities and engine size and transmission options are just a few.