The Newest in Bluetooth® for Motorcycles

Just introduced to the motorcycle market, the F5 Bluetooth® Motorcycle Headset that will be available at The F5 is part of the family of Interphone products that were unavailable in the U.S. until recently. This great new product is available in a single pack for $299 or a twin pack for $499.

Using Bluetooth® 3.0, the users of the F5 will experience faster and clearer transmission of data, have the capability of talking to up to five other riders at once for a distance of up to 1.49 miles.  Two users communicating can do so within a range of .8 miles.

Other great features include:

Equipped with hands free voice control for convenience and safety.

Adjustable volume is automatically changed based on the   surroundings,  whether  it is wind, traffic or engine noise.

A built in radio comes with 8-station memory to easily locate a favorite station.

Can be hardwired to the motorcycle’s audio system.

A noise-canceling microphone, for clarity in communication.

A Waterproof certified design that also offers exceptional coverage against dust and dirt.

Wireless handlebar and universal helmet mounts will be available soon.

If you are looking for a way to communicate with other riders and passengers, be sure to check out the F5 offered at