The Kawasaki Mule™

Kawasaki Motor Corporatoion introduced the first Kawasaki Mule™ in 1988.  The idea behind the ule™ was to provide ranchers, farmers, hunters, groundskeepers and others with a product that provides the agility of an ATV with the characteristics of a pickup truck.  Unlike an ATV, the Kawasaki Mule™ is capable of handling passengers and a cargo bed.  You can even see them at NASCAR events; hauling parts, tires and passengers safely.  In 2012 Kawasaki came out with the new TRANS line that changes the vehicle from a two-passenger model with a long bed, to a short bed, four-passenger model.  The word MULE stands for Multi-Use-Lightweight-Equipment vehicle, and can be seen towing and hauling safely at golf courses, amusement parks and industrial parks.

The Diesel Kawasaki Mule  

The 2012 Mule™ 4010 Trans 4X4 Diesel can be found starting at $12,299.  This Kawasaki Mule™ comes with a four-stroke, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine.  The fully automatic transmission and diesel engine provide reliability and durability.  Electric Power Steering takes the strain out of maneuvering at low speeds and selectable two or four-wheel drive gives the driver traction options in different types of terrain. The key to the “Trans” line of Mules, is the ability to easily convert the vehicle from a two-passenger to a four-passenger unit.

The Top Of The Line Kawasaki Mule

 The 2012 Mule™ 4010 4X4  starts at $9699 and comes with a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled v-twin engine.  With a fully automatic transmission and digital fuel injection, the maintenance is kept to a minimum.  The driver has the choice of selectable two or four-wheel drive and the luxury of a glove box and cup holder.  Another neat feature on this Mule™ is a tilt cargo bed.

The Affordable Kawasaki Mule

 For those consumers looking for a small, affordable Mule™ that can still do the job, the 2012 Mule™ 610 4X4 starts at $7499.00.  This Mule™ has a four-stroke, fan-cooled, single cylinder engine and comes with a continuously variable transmission for keeping engine speed efficient.  As the other units, selectable two or four-wheel drive is available, and this side by side also comes with a tilt cargo bed.  One other feature that may attract buyers is the fact that this Mule™ is easily transportable as is can fit into the bed of a full size pickup truck.

Kawasaki also carries a full line of accessories for their Kawasaki Mule™ products.  You can find windshields, winches, plows, soft or hard tops and cab heaters.  One thing to keep in mind, not all Kawasaki dealers carry the Mule™ product line, so be sure to call or check out their website before making the trip.