The Honda NC700X –For Work or Play- 7 Days a Week

In 2012, American Honda Motor Corporation unveiled the Honda NC700X. The adventure motorcycle, also known as the Honda 700, offers consumers a commuter ride for their daily driver and a fun and sporty weekend warrior ride. It’s even available in two different versions – a conventional six-speed, manual clutch transmission or the updated Honda DCT version.  The DCT version (dual-clutch transmission) offers the rider a choice of two different modes, a push-button shifter or a completely automatic mode.  The 2013 Honda NC700X had quite a few upgrades – but now the that motorcycle is hitting four years old – the changes throughout the years have made the bike even more commuter friendly and vacation oriented.

The Honda NC700X review boasts the ease of which this motorcycle goes from being your everyday driver to your weekend exploration motorcycle. With a low-profile but larger windscreen offering better protection from the elements, a comfortable upright sitting position for better traffic views and an LCD instrument panel, the nc700 Honda fits any rider.

Some of The Honda NC700X Features:

The features on the Honda DCT version vs the NC700 manual version are the same except for the transmissions:

Fuel Tank: Instead of the gas tank being in the standard position on a motorcycle, the NC700 has the 3.7 gallon fuel tank under the seat, this allows for integrated and additional storage space where a conventional gas tank is normally located. This integrated storage space holds up to 22 full liters as well as featuring a utility rail and new storage hook.

Engine: The engine is a 670cc parallel twin, liquid cooled engine, having a low center of gravity and electronic fuel injection for an easy start on cold mornings. Electronic Fuel Injection also makes the bike easier to maintain for those in colder climates, winter storage is easier and expensive carb cleans are no longer needed.

Honda Multi-Action System: The Pro-Link HMAS rear suspension has a 5.9rear shock, rear wheel travel allowance for comfort on the roughest of pavements.

Steel Truss Frame & 41mm Forks: A lightweight frame with plenty of strength and 41mm forks boasting 5.4 inches of travel for good handling.

Cast 17” wheels: These wheels are light and strong.  The size offers more tire tread options and there are also new “L” shaped valve stems making the tires easier to service.

The Honda DCT transmission model for 2016 also has combined anti-lock brakes as well as new settings and three choices in the “S” mode.

The only color available in the 2016 model year for the NC700 is silver metallic. The curb weight including all standard equipment and fluids with a full tank and ready to ride is 474 pounds.  The standard seat height is 32.7 inches.  The estimated mile per gallon for this bike is 64mpg.  Riders need to remember that this is just an estimate based on EPA exhaust emission measurements, actual mileage varies on any motorcycle depending on the vehicle is ridden, how well the vehicle is maintained, road conditions, weather , rider and passenger weight, tire pressure, installation of accessories and various other factors.

Honda also offers the Honda Protection Plan that extends the owners warranty beyond the one year factory warranty up to three additional years based on the owner’s preference.