The Harley-Davidson TestRide Program- Ride A Harley Don't Buy A Harley

Do you want a chance to lease a Harley for a few years and then return it when you are done?  Are you having trouble financing the purchase of a Harley?  Are you a new Harley rider not sure what kind of Harley you want to own?  Well, Chrome Capital, a company based in Naples, Florida, is offering the Harley-Davidson TestRide program, which should be available across the country in nearly 200 Harley-Davison dealerships by the end of this year.

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 Instead of traditional financing, the Harley-Davidson TestRide program offers motorcycle riders the chance to ride a Harley for two to three years.  Once the lease term is up, the customer can then return the bike, buy the bike or extend the lease, options that will appeal to all riders in the market for a Harley.

 Leasing is an affordable way to ride without the commitment of a six or seven year loan.  This can really be helpful to new riders, unsure of the model they are going to be happy with long-term, and gives them an opportunity to trade in the bike without still having a large balance due on a loan.

 Although interest rates are reasonable, getting financed for a motorcycle has become a real challenge for those looking for a little fun in life.  It’s much easier to get approved on the Harley-Davidson TestRide program in some cases, giving the dealerships a chance to sell more bikes as well, making this a win-win situation for both consumers and dealers.

So, if you a considering a Harley, consider the new Harley-Davison TestRide Program lease option. You can visit the Chrome Capital website to find a dealer in your area or get more information on this great new program.