The First Electric Motorcycle In Motorcycle Safety Courses Is Approved

The 2012 ZERO XU Electric motorcycle made in the United States has been approved for use as the first Electric Motorcycle in Motorcycle Safety Courses offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  Quite an honor for the company and quite a leap in attempting to get new riders trained that may have never considered riding a motorcycle before.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a strict list of requirements before they will allow a motorcycle to be used in one of their training courses.  Zero Motorcycle has met these requirements with features that include good seat height, engine displacement, as well as the weight of the bike and the power of the bike. The second advantage that excites the safety schools is the cost of the bike, the lower maintenance costs (no more powertrain maintenance necessary), and replacement part pricing and availability.

Some of the differences to riders between learning on an electric motorcycle in motorcycle safety courses as opposed to a traditional motorcycle include the opportunity to learn to ride without a clutch or gears, in a quieter setting, along with a the lack of heat that comes from traditional motorcycles.  These differences will surely pull in some people who would love to ride a motorcycle but are intimidated by the operation of a clutch and the combination of braking, shifting, turning and throttle control while making sure they can hear the instructor. 

The other side of the story is hoping that those that want to ride a traditional motorcycle don’t take this course as an easy way to get a motorcycle license. Should traditional riders take this route, they will still learn some important safety and driving issues that apply to all motorcycle riders.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is just about that, safety, and if giving riders an alternative can not only get more people enrolled in safety courses, it can give riders more options as well.