The Facts About Motorcycle Extended Warranties

The purchase of your new motorcycle is an investment. Motorcycle extended warranties can help you maintain the value of your investment and offer protection against manufacturer and mechanical defects. A good dealership will discuss this with you when you are making your purchase, this article will help you gain some insight into extended warranties:

· An Extended Warranty offers long-term protection against manufacturer defects. It can be purchased at the time of your motorcycle purchase and generally can be included in your financing. You should consider purchasing the warranty offered by the manufacturer of your motorcycle. There are many aftermarket warranty companies out there, but should they go out of business, you could be left without coverage. Keep this in mind when the dealer is presenting the extended warranty coverage to you. · Most people don’t realize that the warranty stays with the motorcycle, so should you decide to sell it or trade it in for a newer model, having the extended warranty increases the value of your motorcycle. · Should you sell your motorcycle, or decide you don’t want the warranty, they are usually refundable on a pro-rated basis less a small fee. · Generally extended warranties are available from 1 to 5 years, depending on the motorcycle you purchase, so if the dealership offers you a three year warranty, don’t be afraid to find out how much one year will cost if you are a little short on funds, you can always extend the warranty while it is under warranty, but will not be able to get that extended warranty once the initial warranty expires · Most manufacturer warranties do not come with a deductible, but be sure to ask when you purchase the warranty. · If you are purchasing a used motorcycle, an extended warranty may be available, so be sure to ask your dealer.

· Many Extended Warranties also include an option for Roadside Assistance.