Ten Honda Motorcycles and Scooters With Great Fuel Efficiency

American Honda Motor Corporation offers a large variety of  motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and Utility vehicles.  As consumers look for alternative ways to save money, here are ten options that could make a commute to work or around town a great economical choice:

1.      CBR250R – this 250cc sportbike gets an estimated 77mpg.  With a starting price of $4099.00, this is a great option for both beginners and experienced riders looking to get to work or around town.

2.      Rebel 250 – this 250cc cruiser can get an estimated 84mpg and has a starting price of $4199.  Although a little small for highway travel, any local commute is perfect for this motorcycle.

3.      ShadowRS – a v-twin 750cc cruiser starting at $8240 can take riders just about anywhere at an estimated 56mpg.  Honda 750 cruisers come with a large selection of designs, colors, options and accessories, which will please a variety of riders.

4.      CRF230L – this model is designed for both on and off road use, making it a great option for riders that like to go off road on the weekends and on road during the week.  Starting at $4999, riders can get an estimated 84mpg.

5.      Elite – a 108cc, two-seat scooter starts at only $2999 and gets an estimated 106mpg.

6.      PCX125 – larger than the Elite with lots of underseat storage, this scooter gets an estimated 110mpg at a starting price of $3399.

7.      SH150i – with 149ccs, a step above the PCX125, this scooter boasts and estimated 91mpg and the price starts at $4499.

8.      RUCKUS – this rugged 50cc scooter can get around town very efficiently with an estimated 114mpg and a starting price of $2570.00

9.      2009 Metropolitan – with more of a retro look (as opposed to the rugged look of the Ruckus), this scooter starts at $2049.00 and can get an estimated 114mpg.

10.  2013 Metropolitan – a completely redone version of the older Metropolitan, now riders can get an estimated 117mpg with a starting price below $2000!

Whether you purchase your Honda motorcycle or scooter new or used, you can be sure if it is fuel efficiency you are looking for, you can find it in a Honda.