Suzuki Recall Affects Nearly 5000 Motorcycles

Suzuki Motor Corporation recently announced the recall of 4,969 GSX-R1000 Sportbikes due to bolts on the side stand interlock switch that are loose.

As the bolts loosen, they may cause the switch to fail.  Should the switch fail, that would terminate the ignition circuit, and when the ignition circuit is terminated the engine stops running.  The final result would be increasing the risk of a crash.

The model years affected include 2009 through 2012 and only the GSX-R1000 at this time.  Suzuki will notify consumers if their motorcycle is one of those listed on the recall.  However, any concerned owner of a GSX-R1000 can call their local dealer with the VIN number and the dealer can check to see if their motorcycle is one of those affected.

As with any recall, Suzuki dealers will replace the bolts free of charge to the customer, but customers may want to call the dealer first to make sure they have the bolts in stock.