Robbie Maddison Takes the Ride to a Whole New Extreme

Beginning in summer of 2015, motocross athlete Robbie Maddison teamed up with DC Shoes to announce an enticing movement. Robbie Maddison is a freestyle motorcross athlete who has taken the machine’s relationship with nature and gone above and beyond what was before thought humanly impossible.  According to Robbie Maddison’s website, this movement is an “attempt to fulfill a 3-year long ‘pipe dream’”; the pipe dream is to ride the waves of Tahiti on a dirt bike!  Being an X games medalist and multiple world record holder, this dream came with no trouble for Robbie Maddison.

Robbie Maddison is adding his own twist to the ride, surfing the waves as the passersby gaze at him in awe. Prior to watching the video posted on DC’s website of his Maddison’s encounter with the waves, it can honestly be said that it is truly remarkable what this man can do on a bike.  He glides off the breathtaking coast of Tahiti and in a seemingly effortless movement, soars across the water presenting to the surrounding surfers and boaters the real dream.  The connection with nature and the machine is obvious and outstanding;  Maddison creates the scene so naturally, you would think that the machine is literally part of the scenery.  Once on the water, Robbie Maddison rides waves and finds his perfect wave and seamlessly flies through the tide – proving to the surrounding surfers that this is the real dream.  Maddison surfing these waves is equally as powerful and mind-blowing as the spectacular waters he is riding on.  This takes motocross to the next step; no longer are we forced to be stuck on the land when attempting to seek that adrenaline rush during the ride.

Robbie Maddison has taken on some big motocross jumps on land as well; including a ten-story building in Vegas, a football field, and in London, an open Tower Bridge (which included a back flip for additional entertainment). Robbie was a stunt double for Daniel Craig in the 2012 James Bond movie “Skyfall”, where he jumped through a roof on a motorcycle and landed in the Grand Bizarre in Istanbul, Turkey. When Robbie is not riding he is spending time with his wife and two children in his native country, Australia, where he was born in 1981.

Robbie Maddison has definitely made history and provided viewers with hope and motivation to go above and beyond what they believe is possible. It took Maddison 3 years to accomplish his dream of riding waves on a dirt bike, but nothing is more incredible than watching that bike glide across the water so perfectly.  That being said, no dream is too large or inconceivable; all it takes is a little bit of brain power and a lot of motivation to advance to an enormous scheme that will change your world forever. Pigs may not be flying, but a motocross athlete is surfing on a dirt bike and that just might be better.