Pure Michigan is Not Pure American

Ironically enough, the state that touts Pure Michigan is now buying German Motorcycles for their State Police Force. According to the Associated Press, the Michigan State Police recently purchased nine BMW R1200 motorcycles to add to their current fleet of twenty-four Harley-Davidsons.

The decision was based on performance test results.  The BMW R1200 was ranked faster with better safety features and superior handling, thus the decision to purchase BMW over Harley-Davidson.  Test results also included a top speed of 131mph for the BMW versus 104mph for the Harley-Davidson.

Another factor that influenced the decision was cost, as the BMW bids came in at $23,549 and $24,022, while Harley’s bids were $24,406 and $24,791.

A spokesman for the State Police did say that an analysis conducted by the State Police said a Harley is a “capable vehicle for parade and ceremonial use.”

With Harley-Davidson being based in Wisconsin, 23 Harley-Davidson dealerships in the State of Michigan, and Michigan being considered the home of the auto industry, the decision to purchase the BMW’s came as a shock to many.