Protect Your Head With A Proper Fitting Helmet

Just because you spent $500.00 on that helmet instead of $200.00, doesn’t mean your head is more protected.  Even though that helmet has extra padding, is made of ultra-strong carbon fiber materials and has a mirrored face shield, if it doesn’t fit your head properly, you may as well be wearing a paper bag.

Now, every helmet has an outer shell that can be made of plastic, fiberglass or a blend of fiberglass materials.  The inside of the helmet is comprised of an energy-absorbing polystyrene liner.  When you look at two helmets that look relatively the same, the price difference is a result of more features, stronger or lighter materials and a difference in the aerodynamics.  Of course color, head coverage (full-face, half helmet, open-face) and air circulation features will also play a role in the price of the helmet.

Once you’ve determined the style of the helmet you are comfortable with, when trying on the helmet, here are a few things you should look for in the feel of the helmet.

  • The top and crown of your head should be touching the helmet
  • You have vision through the center of the visor, you should not have to move your head around to be able to see through the helmet
  • When your chinstrap is fastened you should not be able to roll off or move the helmet

Another factor to consider is the rating of the helmet, if the helmet has a DOT rating, then it meets the minimum standards for safety as set by the government.

So, next time you are shopping for a helmet, make sure it fits properly so you can know you are getting the maximum amount for protection.