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On chilly nights it’s hard to beat a hot bowl of chili for dinner. It’s hearty, savory, and it warms you up while it fills you up. Even though chili is already a fairly simple and convenient one-pot dish you can make in an evening, it’s even more convenient for you if you consider pressure canning chili for future use. With pressure canning, you … [Read more…]

Whether you are an experienced motorcycle rider or if you’ve never been on a bike, you’re likely aware that there are a significant number of motorcycle accessories that riders wear for different reasons.This article will break down some of the most common motorcycle accessories, helping new riders gear up properly and reviewing a few of the top … [Read more…]

Image via PixabayNothing beats the thrill of going on mountain trails and marveling at nature’s best artwork. Nothing except combining the views with an ATV riding excursion that is.For those who have never experienced the thrill of an ATV ride, you’re missing out on one of life’s best pleasures.But for those who love ATV riding, sometimes the … [Read more…]

Whether you’re familiar with ATVs or if you recently purchased your first, trail riding is one of the most fulfilling experience a rider can have, and likely a major factor in the rider’s decision to pursue ATV riding in the first place.This article will provide a few tips for helping new and veteran riders squeeze a bit more about their ATV trail … [Read more…]

Most people who own motorcycles or performance vehicles do quite a bit of mechanical work on their machines, and many own well-equipped garages where they work on more in-depth projects.But as anyone who owns a motorcycle or performance vehicle will tell you, performance machines require rigorous maintenance. Smaller issues such as blown-out … [Read more…]

Back in the day, if you’re going to take a peek into a cowboy’s saddlebags, you will surely find things that are considered “essential” before he jumps into his trusty steed – probably a rope, a coffee pot, and a number of tools.Today, men of the great outdoors are riding ATVs and UTVs in order to go places, usually off the beaten path.True enough, … [Read more…]

If you own a car, truck, RV or ATV, you should know the importance of vehicle maintenance.Let’s face it, most people think that vehicle maintenance is a daunting task. Even the simplest task like keeping fuel lines clean can be a challenge for the uninitiated. However, we need to know how to properly maintain our vehicle unless you enjoy paying for … [Read more…]

One thing many people rarely think of as they zip up and down those thrilling country roads is the need for ATV insurance. I know, right? Why would anyone think of something so boring when they are having the time of their life? Unfortunately, however, many people start thinking about ATV insurance (or any other insurance for that matter) when it’s … [Read more…]

Do your wheel bearings need tobe replaced?In most cases, many vehicle owners will never ever hear of a wheel bearing until their friendly-neighborhood mechanic suggests that it needs to be replaced.Like the car’s wheels, the bearings are components that are often taken for granted, and they’re not exactly a huge concern for many people. However, … [Read more…]

Plenty of riders and outdoorsmen choose not to wear the proper gear whenever they ride.However, many people learned the hard way that such a choice proved to be their undoing.ATVs are off-road vehicles that are designed to access trails and other hard to reach areas. No matter how much of an experienced driver or how careful you are, accidents can … [Read more…]