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A Pocket Size Personal Power Supply Yamaha dealers are now selling the Micro-Start XP-1, made by Antigravity Batteries™, which is the world’s smallest jump starter and personal power supply. The Micro-Start Xp-1 is so powerful it can jump start motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and boats; the … [Read more…]

Consumers looking to purchase Yamaha parts &  accessories can now easily access thousands of Yamaha products thanks to the Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A’s Customer Support Group.  A completely redesigned website was unveiled by Yamaha just in time for the holidays: yamahapartsandaccessories.com.  The website has everything from replacement … [Read more…]

What started out as a one day customer appreciation event, turned into a two-day motorcycle rally and in 2014 will expand to a 3-day event, gathering the second largest crowd in the Midwest to a motorcycle rally, only Sturgis attracts more vendors and riders. Located in Eastern Iowa, the town of Anamosa is the home to J&P Cycles, one of the … [Read more…]

  Yamaha Dealers have been around for many years, but now when consumers are looking for a Yamaha Dealer they may find dealers that are designated as a Pro Yamaha Dealer. Yamaha Motor Corporation put into place a program that helps consumers find the elite Yamaha Dealerships throughout the United States.  The Yamaha Dealer must complete … [Read more…]

Trying to save a little money when replacing your motorcycle parts or adding on aftermarket parts or accessories?  You may want to think twice when you are buying aftermarket parts off the Internet, at your local auto parts store, or even from your local dealership.  It turns out that those teardrop mirrors, custom turn signals, or even that kit … [Read more…]

If you walk into just any motorcycle dealership, it may not be the same as walking into a Honda Powersports Dealership. Every Honda Powersports Dealership has an agreement with American Honda Motor Corporation giving them the flexibility to offer all Honda Powersports owners a variety of services to fit the needs of their community and their … [Read more…]

Yamaha Motorcycle – The Brand According to Wikipedia, Yamaha is a Japanese company that manufactures musical instruments then further ventured in manufacturing motorcycles. In the motorcycle business, the company comes second after Honda in Japan, and has also proven that it is world-class in terms of performance, style and power. The company’s … [Read more…]

Genuine Motorcycle Parts Yamaha  Riding your Yamaha motorcycle can provide you with many years of enjoyment and fun, but if you fail to properly maintain your motorcycle and use inferior parts as opposed to Genuine Yamaha parts, the consequences can be quite costly. Not only will the use of Genuine Yamaha parts keep your bike in the best running … [Read more…]

Old. Beat-up. Outdated. Bygone. Abandoned… These are the words you could use to describe the Honda motorcycle that is at least 15 years old which may be hidden in one of the dark corners of your garage or in a junkyard somewhere. But with a good mechanic and some of the needed Honda vintage motorcycle parts, these words can be revamped … [Read more…]

For over 50 years, Honda in the US has been producing and marketing Honda motorcycles and they have been proven to be the best in the industry. More and more people have been buying bikes because of their fuel-efficiency and convenience.  And for that reason, quality Honda motorcycle parts are made available almost everywhere as well.  Consider … [Read more…]