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Whether you are an experienced motorcycle rider or if you’ve never been on a bike, you’re likely aware that there are a significant number of motorcycle accessories that riders wear for different reasons.This article will break down some of the most common motorcycle accessories, helping new riders gear up properly and reviewing a few of the top … [Read more…]

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of buying the best motorcycle insurance policy for your needs. People who might spend hours researching insurance for a minivan that carries children to school may settle for the first inexpensive motorcycle policy that meets the state’s minimum requirements. This may become a devastating mistake, … [Read more…]

  If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you are probably interested in electric motorcycles. After all, these machines offer a compelling ride and a futuristic feel. Still, every time electric bikes seem to be gaining traction, there is another setback. Keeping up with electric motorcycle news can be challenging. Fortunately, you don’t have … [Read more…]

One of the first customizations that beginner motorcycle enthusiasts make is to motorcycle muffler. This is because it tends to be where you can get the most upgrade for the least amount of money or trouble. The installation, depending on the type of improvement, tends to be relatively easy. You can do it by yourself most of the time.Many riders … [Read more…]

Why do we need to know about motorcycle maintenance? Imagine that you have just hit the road, the weather is perfect, the road is clear, and you’re powering down the freeway on your bike. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Every motorcycle enthusiast lives for that freedom! Now imagine that your bike broke down and you are stranded on the side of the … [Read more…]

When you purchase your first motorcycle, a windshield might not be first on your list of must-haves. The truth is that many beginners do not see the point behind motorcycle windshields. Maybe you prefer the look of a bike without it or perhaps you cannot picture how it can protect you. We all know the main purpose. It’s in the name, after all. A … [Read more…]

Bikemaster is a producer of both parts and tools for motorcycles and atvs.  In business since 1983, Bikemaster products are distributed exclusively by Tucker Rocky distributors throughout North America. Bikemaster was started by bike enthusiasts and began with them creating tools to make working on their bikes easier, leading to the development of … [Read more…]

Renegade wheels are custom motorcycle wheels created for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. These chrome motorcycle rims are 3-d machined and offer a unique customized look to any Harley-Davidson. The Lincoln-Phantom cut are the newest of the motorcycle wheels and rims offered by Renegade Wheels. These rims have 9 uniquely machined spokes that create … [Read more…]

A Pocket Size Personal Power Supply Yamaha dealers are now selling the Micro-Start XP-1, made by Antigravity Batteries™, which is the world’s smallest jump starter and personal power supply. The Micro-Start Xp-1 is so powerful it can jump start motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and boats; the … [Read more…]

  For those of you who live in colder climates, proper winter motorcycle storage is essential for keeping your motorcycle running and looking great. A new product has been released for motorcycle storage that is like no other.  Motorcycle owners will still need to  properly winterize the motorcycle  – carbureted bikes require the removal … [Read more…]