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On chilly nights it’s hard to beat a hot bowl of chili for dinner. It’s hearty, savory, and it warms you up while it fills you up. Even though chili is already a fairly simple and convenient one-pot dish you can make in an evening, it’s even more convenient for you if you consider pressure canning chili for future use. With pressure canning, you … [Read more…]

While motorized bicycles aren’t yet incredibly common, traditional biking has enjoyed a swell in popularity in recent years. This is largely due to the benefits that biking has over driving a car, including avoiding traffic jams and difficult parking situations, saving money on gas, and reducing your carbon footprint. However, riders can enjoy many … [Read more…]

Beginning in summer of 2015, motocross athlete Robbie Maddison teamed up with DC Shoes to announce an enticing movement. Robbie Maddison is a freestyle motorcross athlete who has taken the machine’s relationship with nature and gone above and beyond what was before thought humanly impossible.  According to Robbie Maddison’s website, this movement … [Read more…]

The Honda Global Design Project, also known as the Honda 2&4 project, is a concept vehicle project designed by both the motorcycle and car designers that work for Honda. From a design studio in Asaka, Japan, eighty designers got together and voted on their favorite design.  Once the design was selected the project was sent to the automotive … [Read more…]

The Honda Logo is affixed to many different types of Honda Products. Starting with the Honda Civic logo, all the way to the Honda Financial Services logo, these logos represent the many different divisions of the Japanese multinational public corporation known as Honda Motor Co., Ltd. The Honda Logo in many forms The Honda Civic logo represents … [Read more…]

The Y2K Turbine Superbike sounds like a jet! With a starting price of $175,000, Jay Leno purchased the Y2K Turbine Superbike that sounds like a helicopter or jet engine when cruising down the winding roads in California. This awesome superbike has a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250 gas turbine engine, the same engine that provides the power to … [Read more…]

As a way to entice teenage boys to stay in the Boy Scouts or even get teenage boys to join the Boy Scouts of American, last year the organization tested a program involving the use of All Terrain Vehicles and Personal Watercraft and this year the program is going all out. Many scouts learn how to camp, hike, build campfires and bond with their … [Read more…]

May has been designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness month across the United States.  Efforts are being made to remind automobile drivers to watch out and look twice for motorcycles on the road, but motorcycle riders should do their part as well. One of the ways motorcycle owners can stay safe is to attend one of the hundreds of courses offered … [Read more…]

If you are a woman and are interested in motorcycles, either you ride already or are considering entering the world of motorcycling; the AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference is an event you may want to attend. From July 26 through July 28, 2012, Carson City, Nevada will be the host to this event that is entering its sixth … [Read more…]

As the 2013 model year approaches for motorcycles, American Honda Motor Corporation has announced two scooters that will be available for sale in the upcoming months. The release of these scooters will give consumers more choices for fuel efficiency and fun. The Metropolitan, a 50cc, fuel-injected four-stroke scooter, is being restyled for the … [Read more…]