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Customizing and Accessorizing Your Honda Motorcycle Although camaraderie among bands of bikers (whether of outlaws or the harmless), is existent, the realm of riders has cultivated the culture of individuality where one can express himself through the design and accessories of his motorcycle. Customizing a motorcycle is a way of expressing one’s p … [Read more…]

No matter how dialed in your Honda motorcycle was the first time you took it out for a ride, the day will come when you will need to buy parts, for maintenance or replacement. So if that day is now, or somewhere down the road, you are in great luck because most Honda motorcycle parts are readily available either online or at your local dealer. Here … [Read more…]

The Internet has become a place where people can shop 24/7. Yet, there are times you should consider some of your major purchases from a local firm as opposed to an unknown distributor of a product you are looking for. You will also find local companies that claim to carry a product you need at a great price, only to get to the store and find out … [Read more…]

Yamaha makes a wide array of products. Motorcycles, Musical Instruments, Theatre Systems, and yes, even Generators. Yamaha’s commitment to providing quality generators that provide consistent performance makes a great choice when you are ready to purchase a generator. Whether you will be using the generator for tailgating, camping, home outages or i … [Read more…]

At some point in your Suzuki motorcycle’s life, you will probably have to face this choose, OEM or Aftermarket Parts? You may need to replace a part because it is broke, or instead you may choose to upgrade something on your Suzuki. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The answer would hinge on several factors: your budget, the m … [Read more…]

Where Are All The Honda Motorcycle Dealers Going? Honda motorcycles dealers have never been in short supply, until now…Sadly, the past few years have taken it’s toll on many dealers, mom and pop places that have been there since the beginning of time, have been forced to close their doors. If you are lucky to find a Honda dealer that is still ope … [Read more…]

The purchase of your Yamaha motorcycle was a big investment, so don’t cut corners when it’s time to customize your bike, improve its’ performance, or just when you need to do regular maintenance. Original Yamaha parts are made for your motorcycle, so let’s talk about where to go to get those genuine factory Yamaha parts. Why You Need Yamaha Motor … [Read more…]

Honda Motorcycles Ride High In The US But… Honda paved its way to success in the US when it decided to bolt from the Japanese market and started exporting to the US. It triumphantly overtook other makers even riding some British brands down. The successful strategy of Honda in penetrating and dominating the American motorcycle market has been a … [Read more…]

Suzuki Motorcycle – History of the Brand The Suzuki Motorcycle brand started in 1920 under the leadership of Michio Suzuki. The success of the ‘S’ brand started when one of its motorcycles climbed Mt. Fuji. Since then the company has been known to create powerful and sturdy motorcycles. In 1962, the first Suzuki Motorcycle became the Grand Prix ch … [Read more…]