Overview of the Yamaha 2017 SCR 950 Scrambler


  • Yamaha 2017 SCR950 Scrambler
  • Newest addition to the Sport Heritage Line
  • Engine type: 942 CC air-cooled V-twin
  • Fuel capacity: 51 miles per gallon
  • Available in two colors: Charcoal and Ruby Red
  • Suggested retail price: $8,699

Photo courtesy of yamahamotorsports.com.


The 2017 Yamaha SCR950 pays homage to the classic scrambler dirt bikes of the 1970s. It has an undoubtedly cool vintage-inspired look, but with modern engineering. The bike is part of Yamaha’s Sport Heritage line, which also includes the XSR900, SR400, and VMAX. The SCR950 currently comes in two color designs, Charcoal Silver and Rapid Red. The suggested retail price is $8,699

Scrambler-style bikes have experienced somewhat of a revival in recent years, with multiple companies releasing their own versions of the classic style. While introducing the SCR950 on their site, Yamaha says, “It seems like everyone’s trying to look back at the past. But no one wants to do it without today’s technology. Introducing the best of both world’s.”

In the 1970s, the term “scrambler” originally referred to dirt bikes up to about 650 cc, used on off-road tracks with relatively low jumps. In recent years, as the retro scrambler style has made a comeback, the newer versions tend to celebrate the classic look but with improved technology, and the Yamaha 2017 SCR950 is no exception.

However, while many modern scramblers are essentially road bikes that are rarely, if ever, used off-road, the SCR950 is a little different. While still primarily a road bike, Yamaha included essential features that would ensure the bike could live up to it’s scrambler name, and seamlessly transition from on road to off.


Yamaha’s SCR 950 scrambler comes with a bolt-based 942CC air-cooled V-twin, making it more powerful than the original Yamaha scramblers of the past. Functionally, the bike has plenty of low- and mid-range torque at take off and roll on. Yamaha states that the SCR950 has 9 more foot-pounds of torque than its peer, the Triumph scrambler. The scrambler style, coupled with its compact design, make the SCR 950 very easy to ride and maneuver in a variety of settings, while still being technically proficient.

To get the classic scrambler style of the 1970s with the modern day function of Yamaha’s other models, the 2017 SCR 950 comes with the following features:

  • Narrow profile
  • Spoke wheels
  • Aluminum rims
  • Bridgestone tail wing tires
  • Traditional fork boots
  • Classic round headlamp
  • LCD speedometer
  • Rugged 7/8 inch handlebars with crossbar
  • Flangless tear drop fuel tank
  • Vintage Yamaha graphics
  • Matching number plates
  • Upswept muffler
  • Roomy yet narrow seat
  • Piggy back rear shocks
  • Steel fenders and belt drive are available if you’re interested in customizing.

In addition to these features, the SCR950 has a lot going on that makes it a great machine. The side number plates conceal a hidden storage area for extra convenience, while still staying true to the retro scrambler style. Similarly, while the speedometer has LCD readouts, the gauge is still classically styled as well. And the wire-spoke wheels paired with a single-wave style brake gives the tires a cool modern take on the original vintage style.


The specifics of Yamaha’s SCR950 don’t make it totally clear, but one ride on the bike is enough to make you realize how fun it really is. While committed to honoring the scrambler bikes of the past, it’s clear that Yamaha stayed true to their modern standards by not sacrificing a bit of functionality.

Specific features of the bike, such as its wide and tall crossbar handlebars, centrally-mounted foot pegs, and long, flat, narrow seat, puts the rider in a comfortable position of control, allowing them to handle whatever the road throws at them. Additionally, these features allow the bike to adapt well to a variety of different riding styles.

Both on dirt and on road, the SCR950 makes for a truly enjoyable ride. The chassis is handling-focused, with a double-cradle frame featuring sporty geometry for nimble, responsive handling in any environment. Additionally, the 41mm fork tubes provide top-of-the-line suspension performance on many different surfaces.

According to Yamaha, “The engine is designed to provide strong power and superior low-end torque, ideal for exploring roads off the beaten track and powering out of tight corners. The SCR950 also boasts a smooth-shifting 5-speed transmission, with a clutch system that absorbs shock and smoothly transfers power.

Basically, the 2017 SCR950 Scrambler is an excellent and fitting addition to Yamaha’s iconic Sport Heritage line. The style of the bike is sure to satisfy the nostalgia of any rider looking for that vintage look of the classic scramblers. Unlike the old one’s however, the SCR950 comes with the modern engineering that present day riders expect. While primarily a road bike, the SCR950 surpasses expectations off-road, and makes for an enjoyable ride regardless of the setting. Overall, the SCR950 is a very cool addition to this Yamaha line, and at a suggested retail price of $8,699, it’s an affordable one too.