New Top-Hinged Motorcycle Helmet Offers Comfort and Enhanced Safety

Voztec, a new motorcycle helmet company based in Australia, has introduced a new top-hinged motorcycle helmet that changes more than just the color or the vent and visor features that are found on conventional motorcycle helmets on the market today. The helmet will not be available until January of 2014, but the prototype shown will come in three different price points of $300, $500 and $800.

Snakehead Clamshell Helmet

This new top-hinged motorcycle helmet is called the Snakehead.  The name comes from the helmet’s snake-like profile, which matches the skull of a snake with its large flat, forward facing intake vents.  The Snakehead clamshell helmet has no retaining strap; the top-hinged motorcycle helmet swings open like a clamshell.  The rear section of the helmet is opened with a hinge and the rider inserts their face into the front part of the helmet (this can be done without removing glasses) and then closes and locks the rear portion.

Top-Hinged Motorcycle Helmet Safety Features

In the event of an accident, the need to cut or remove a strap has been eliminated, which can often result in further head injuries.  The Snakehead helmet allows first responders to remove the front portion of the helmet while leaving the rear portion in place without disturbing the head.

Turbulence is reduced, as the close fitting helmet does not allow for any slack when the head is turned, the helmet and head turn as if locked together, the chances of the helmet coming adrift are virtually eliminated.  The lower edge of the helmet is rounded so should the head hit the pavement, the chances of the helmet getting caught up on something and jerking the head around is greatly minimized.

Top-Hinged Motorcycle Helmet Construction

The Snakehead is constructed with three components: carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass, and has a multiple density foam liner.  An adjustable chin cup is also part of the design and adds to the comfort of the helmet.  After the initial adjustment of the chin cup, the helmet is set for both comfort and safety and does not need to be continually adjusted every time the helmet is taken on or off.

This unconventional top-hinged motorcycle helmet offers a unique and innovative helmet design that can offer motorcycle riders new options when searching for a comfortable helmet offering a great degree of protection.