Motorcycle Safety Courses

Many states have special license designations for those riding motorcycles on the streets; some have different levels of licensing based on the cc’s.  You can often find insurance companies giving discounts to riders that have taken safety courses and some won’t even give a consumer insurance without the proper designation.  Do people ride motorcycles without the proper licensing? You bet they do. Is this a good idea, even if you’ve been riding since you were a kid?  No, it isn’t.

Safety courses offer more than just a day in a classroom, they offer hands on experience on a real motorcycle on real asphalt.  They require the rider to wear the proper attire and take the time to tell them why.  They offer insight into certain riding conditions that riders with years of experience may not have encountered and teach the rider how to handle the situation.

Helmet laws, lane usage laws, all kinds of laws for motorcycle riders, but maybe this one isn’t such a bad idea.  I don’t care if you don’t want to wear a helmet, that’s your choice, but I do care if you want to get on the road and cut me off because you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle.   I do care that your lack of experience may cause you to swerve into my lane and cause us both to crash.  And, I certainly do not want to be behind the wheel of my Ford Expedition when you realize you are unsure on how to change gears as you are riding in front of me.

Most states offer these courses free of charge, on evenings and weekend, taught by trained instructors.  Even if you pass your written motorcycle test and street test, a short safety course, or even a ride for newly licensed riders, can help pinpoint those with issues and those who are just fine on the road.

Do you have experience taking a motorcycle safety course? Or do you ride with someone that should take one?  We’d love to hear your opinion, or feel free to share a story with us.