Motorcycle Safety Courses: Not Just For Beginners

May has been designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness month across the United States.  Efforts are being made to remind automobile drivers to watch out and look twice for motorcycles on the road, but motorcycle riders should do their part as well.

One of the ways motorcycle owners can stay safe is to attend one of the hundreds of courses offered throughout the state they live in.  Many of these courses are free, only requiring a refundable deposit to reserve a spot.

States are now offering different experience and difficulty level courses so that even if a rider took a course in order to get licensed, they can now take a course that goes beyond the fundamentals. Intermediate courses help a rider polish their skills and learn new strategies and the experienced courses cover advance skills, safety awareness and accessory selection and are also free to attend.

Keep in mind, even if you know how to ride, a weekend of the basic rider course provides riders with insight into both advanced techniques and street riding strategies.  Riders who learn from their friends often overlook some basic skills and a state sponsored course is the perfect place to learn these skills.  A one-day intermediate or experienced rider course is a great way to spend a day with your friends while making yourself a better, safer rider on the road.

Both the Basic and Intermediate Courses generally provide a rider with a motorcycle, while the experienced courses require you to bring your own motorcycle, but each state is different, so be sure to check before you show up.  Also be sure to be aware of the clothing requirements, generally they include boots, gloves, a long-sleeve jacket or shirt and eye protection.

Find the time to take a motorcycle course in your state, you’ll be glad you did.