Make Sure Your ATV Is Ready For Hunting Season

Now that hunting season is here, it’s time to get your ATV ready for the trip.  It’s been sitting in your garage all summer and here are some things you should check before you head out into the middle of woods.

Before you even put the key in the ignition, do a visual inspection of the ATV to confirm that it is ready to go

  • Check the air box/air filter and make sure you didn’t attract any unwanted visitors over the summer (small animals may have made a nest).
  • Check the tires and make sure they are properly inflated.
  • Check your battery and make sure it is fully charged.
  • Check the fuel level.
  • Check the spark plugs and oil level.
  • Check your drive chain, make sure it is clean and apply some fresh chain oil, but make sure not to let the oil get near the brakes.
  • Check the operation of the lights

Now that you are ready to start your ATV, give it a little time to warm up and listen to how it sounds.  Don’t just jump on it and take it for a ride, give the engine sometime to get oil and fuel flowing through it.  After it warms up, take it for a little test ride to ensure everything is running properly.  If you have a carbureted ATV, and you left fuel sitting in it for a while, it may start up but not run properly if the carburetors are clogged.

Once your ride is over, it’s time for another visual inspection:

  • Make sure the tires stayed properly inflated
  • Check to confirm that there aren’t any leaks, look closely at the unit as well as the ground underneath.
  • Make sure all the nuts and bolts are still there and did not come loose or fall off.
  • Finally, make sure there any unusual “odors”; an overpowering gas smell or the smell of something burning could indicate problems.

If you are satisfied your ATV is running properly, it’s time to load it on the trailer and get on your way, if not, give yourself enough time to repair the quad yourself or take it to an authorized repair shop.  It’s better to fix it at home then spend your trip trying to fix it in the middle of the woods.