Kevlar Clothing For The Motorcyclist

Kevlar is a trademark name for a material that has exceptional cut and tear resistance and is also flame resistant.  It is a woven material that can be stronger than steel on a measured weight basis. What that means in simple terms, is that wearing Kevlar Gear can be a body saver for a rider involved in a motorcycle accident. Not just for firefighters gear and bulletproof vests, Kevlar can be found in clothing at many motorcycle dealerships, offering their customers the protection of armor with some style.

Some of the popular brands of Kevlar Jeans include Joe Rocket, Sliders, AGV Sport and Sartso.  Kevlar jeans are usually sold in a relaxed fit style and some carry extra pockets for padding inserts.  Just like your daily jeans, these are machine washable and can fit right over your motorcycle boots.  Unlike your regular jeans, these jeans offer you protection when out riding your motorcycle.

Kevlar jackets and vests come in a variety of styles to fit the personality of the rider.  Alpinestar and AGV Sport are two brands that offer hoodies, jean jackets, vests and leather jackets that offer protection for different riding conditions and weather.

If you are looking for Kevlar gloves, Olympia and Alpinestar offer gloves with Kevlar protection.  Knuckle protection and Kevlar threads throughout the gloves, yet vented and comfortable, these are an item to add to your list of protective gear.

Prices ranges for Kevlar clothing can really vary.  If your budget is tight, sometimes you can find great prices on last year’s styles of clothing when the new styles come out.  But, if you are going to invest in Kevlar, read the fine print and make sure it’s actually Kevlar you are buying and not some knock off brand that doesn’t offer any more protection than regular clothing.  Visit motorcycle dealerships in your area and you are sure to find either the product in stock, or the chance to special order it, and talk to the staff about what brands offer the best value for the price.

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