Kawasaki Motorcycle Recalls

Kawasaki Motorcycle owners need to watch their mail for the latest round of recalls that have been issued from the manufacturer.

The first set of recalls involve select 2008 through 2011 Ninja ZX-10R’s and select 2009 through 2012 Ninja ZX-6R’s.  Due to a possible defect in the regulator rectifier, the battery may not charge properly, thus resulting in the stalling of the motorcycle without warning. It is possible that this charging issue may affect over 20,000 Kawasaki sportbikes.  The replacement of the voltage regulator will be free of charge and can be done at any authorized Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealer.

The second set of recalls involve 2012 model year Ninja EX250’s, Ninja EX650’s and the Versys.  At this time, it is reported that the clips on the mounting pins for the passenger footpegs can break and cause the footpeg to detach from the motorcycle. Should the footpeg fall off, not only could this lead to an accident on the motorcycle, it could also become a road hazard for other drivers. Roughly 790 motorcycles appear to be affected by this recall and they will also be repaired free of charge at any authorized Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealer.

As in the case of any recall, you can contact your local dealer with your VIN (vehicle identification number) and they can tell you if your motorcycle is affected by any recalls.  Kawasaki will also send letters to the owners of affected motorcycles.  Keep in mind, if you bought your motorcycle used, from a private party, or even a dealer, you need to contact a Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealer to ensure that you are listed as the owner and will be notified of any recent or future recalls.