Is a Kawasaki Electric Motorcycle Coming?

The four major Japanese brands for Powersports are American Honda Motor Corp., Yamaha Motorcycle USA, Suzuki Motor Corp and Kawasaki Motor Corp.  Always competing for the top spot in MotoGP Racing, Market Share, Best In Class and Fastest On-Road Motorcycle, these four brands have given each other their share of competition.

It appears though, that Kawasaki is one up on the others, as it has been reported that Kawasaki is seeking a patent for an electric motorcycle.  Kawasaki Motor Corp USA has certainly created some great bikes throughout the years.  The 250 Ninja has been around since 1986 and is looking to show some big upgrades for the 2013 model year.  As a matter of fact, the dirtbikes, atvs and UTVs for 2013 are hitting dealers now and showing a sign of strength.  What many people don’t know is Kawasaki Heavy Industries is the giant behind the motorcycle arm of the company.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries makes everything from spaceships to supertankers, requiring engineering specialists, tons of expertise and advanced equipment.  Why not use some of these experts to help design a  Kawasaki Electric Motorcycle?  And best of all, why not do it before it’s major three competitors get into the market.

Kawasaki, unlike many other’s before them, are not designing a fancy electric scooter or a weird looking vehicle that can get you around down, they are designing a true electronic motorcycle.  A patent drawing available for view on the Internet, shows the batteries in an air box to keep them cool, with air intake on the front and an under seat vent for expelling hot air. The fairings and bodywork are missing from the diagram, but the motorcycle appears to be that of a sport bike style that would take full fairings.

A whole new era of motorcycling may begin with the introduction of a kawasaki electric motorcycle, or one from a competitor like Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki, but price will still remain a factor and the load roar of the pipes on that carbureted cruiser will never completely be gone.