Kawasaki Mule Utility Vehicle Recall

Kawasaki has another vehicle to add to the list of recalls for the spring of 2012.

This recall involves around 3900, 2012 Kawasaki Mule Utility Vehicles. The models included in the recalls are the Mule 600 in Green, and the Mule 610 4X4 which comes in black, camouflage, green or red.  These vehicles were sold to consumers between June of 2011 and February of 2012.

The Kawasaki Mule is an off-road Utility Vehicle with a bench seat for a driver and a passenger with controls similar to an automobile.  Unlike an automobile, the Mule is strictly an off-road vehicle that comes with a cargo bed, rollover protection structure and it is recommended that both driver and passenger operating a Mule wear a helmet.

The potential hazard involves a possible fire when the fuel tube scrapes against the air cleaner housing and develops holes.

As with any recall, the manufacturer will send you a letter if your vehicle is affected.  If you are concerned that your Kawasaki Mule may be included in the recall, you can contact your local dealer and give them your vehicle identification number, and they can tell you if yours is one of the affected Mules.