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One thing many people rarely think of as they zip up and down those thrilling country roads is the need for ATV insurance. I know, right? Why would anyone think of something so boring when they are having the time of their life? Unfortunately, however, many people start thinking about ATV insurance (or any other insurance for that matter) when it’s too late.

And that is why you need to understand ATV insurance – before an eventuality. But in order to understand what ATV insurance is all about, you, first of all, have to understand what you are insuring – an ATV.

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An ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, is actually a class of self-propelled vehicles that generally designed for off-road use and for many different purposes. ATVs (also commonly called four-wheelers, quad bikes, three-wheelers, and many other names), although mainly meant for off-road use, can also be designed for street legal use. 

Whatever you may call it, though, an ATV is required by law to operate low-pressure tires, have a seat that is straddled by the rider, and must feature handlebars to enable steering.

I’m sure at this point you’re wondering if there is any good reason to insure your ATV, particularly if you’ll be using it on private land. Well, let me give you a few good reasons why ATV insurance is a wise choice.

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Unlike auto insurance which is required in every state, not all states require that you get carry ATV insurance. Most states, however, require that you do get some coverage if you are using your ATV on public land. It’s important, therefore, that you know what your state’s laws say about the use of ATVs. So why should you bother getting ATV insurance?

One reason you should definitely get ATV insurance is that you may need to ride it off your property. When that happens you’ll need to be prepared so as not get on the wrong side of the law.

Accidents are never planned for. No matter how careful and experienced you may be, sometimes an accident is unavoidable. And if it happens when you are riding your ATV, you’ll be glad to have insured your ATV. ATV insurance can protect you from getting in financial trouble when this happens.

Although ATV insurance doesn’t really protect your ATV, it does give you a sense of security that if anything were to happen to your beloved recreational vehicle, replacing it won’t give you a headache. Now that I’ve given you 3 great reasons you need to get ATV insurance, let’s get to the heart of the matter – what you really need to know about ATV insurance.

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Because ATVs are a unique class of vehicle, insuring them is not as straightforward as it may seem. And in order to help you navigate the path to insuring yours, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ATV insurance.

ATVs are treated differently state by state. And so when it comes to ATV insurance, you’ll find that it also differs in each state. The major difference, however, is that in some states it is mandatory, while in other states ATV insurance is not necessarily required.

But whatever state you may be in, one thing is certain, anything can happen while you’re on your ATV. And because of that, it is always wise to be covered. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 337 fatalities and 101,200 injuries related to ATV use. These are staggering figures that just [point to the need of having your ATV insured. After all, you never know when you will need the coverage.

That is usually the first question on many ATV riders’ lips. Unfortunately, this question can only be answered by your insurance provider because there are many factors that go into a premium. Factors such as driving record, the ages of the allowed drivers, top speed of the ATV, credit history, how often you use it, and many other questions that vary from individual to individual are taken into consideration. Although how much ATV insurance will cost you is an important question, the most important question is how much it will save you in case of an eventuality. Speaking of which, that does raise another question.

Like normal vehicle insurance, ATV insurance will help you protect you from financial trouble in the event of loss, damage, or an accident related to your ATV. Need a bit more?

  • Liability coverage. This covers the costs of bodily injury and property damage up if you cause an accident.  If you’re sued, liability coverage also covers the legal fees.
  • Collision coverage. Collision coverage takes care of the bills associated with repairing your ATV after an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage. This one is optional but it provides protection if your ATV is stolen, damaged by fire, vandalism, or acts of nature.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This is another optional that will help cover your costs if another rider causes an accident but can’t pay for your expenses.

So what do you need your ATV insurance to cover in your specific situation? Again, this is dependent on your personal situation and the best way to know is to talk to a trusted insurance agent. They will shop around for quotes so as to give you a better idea of the best coverage you need.

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It is possible to include your ATV in another existing policy. For instance, you can add it on to your home or farm policy.  When you do, it is scheduled onto your insurance policy as a rider with All Risk and Liability coverage. However, you are in control of the value and deductible you want to pay. One thing you have to be aware of though, is that if you do make a claim on the ATV, it will have an effect on your entire policy.

Some companies, because of the local laws surrounding ATVs, will not insure an ATV by itself, even on an auto policy. However, it is possible to add it to an already existing auto policy. This is usually a flexible setup as you have many options for coverage, deductibles, and liability if you go down this route.  As always, premiums are based on an individual’s profile. The good thing about including your ATV as a second vehicle in your auto policy is that unlike a home policy if you have to claim on your ATV, it will only affect the vehicle and not the entire policy.

With the increase in the rates of ATV theft, many people are beginning to see the need to protect themselves via ATV insurance. But what if your beloved ATV is old? Can it be insured? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it will need to be inspected first before coverage options can be offered, especially if it is older than 10 years.

Having looked at the 6 main things you need to know about ATV insurance, there’s one thing you need to know – you need it. Just as you value home and auto insurance, ATV insurance should be afforded the same importance in your financial plan. It may seem to be a safe pastime where nothing can go wrong, but as with all things in life, some things are not entirely in your control. Therefore, getting ATV insurance is the wisest step you can take as far as ATV ownership is concerned.