Yamaha ATV’s – Made In The USA

Yamaha announced that their factory in Georgia would be manufacturing the first production run of their ATV’s as opposed to doing it overseas. The long-term plan of Yamaha is to transfer the majority of overseas ATV production to the United States, creating jobs and building the product where it has the largest demand.  The largest ATV market in the world will now see an “Assembled in the U.S.A.” logo proudly stamped on those Yamaha ATV’s.

Yamaha invested over $250 million to update the factory to make it the most efficient, safe and state-of-the-art facility for producing quality products.  Not only are jobs being created at the new Yamaha factory, but hundreds of suppliers, dealers and Yamaha Corporate will also be increasing their employee base.

Yamaha made this move in an effort to streamline the building process and keep up with customer demand more efficiently.  The plant upgrades and the production transfer are scheduled to be completed in 2013, until then Yamaha plans to continue to increase their portion of the ATV market share.

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Yamaha also produces their Golf Carts, SideXSide Utility Vehicles, and Personal Watercraft at the Georgia plant. Seven other States also have Yamaha facilities, California, Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois, New Jersey and Washington.