The Newly Redesigned 2013 Honda CRF450R

American Honda Motor Corporation focused the redesign of the 2013 Honda CRF450R on positioning every part of the motorcycle as close to the center of the bike as possible.

The 2013 model is said to be lighter, faster and a better ride than its 2012 predecessor, listed below are some of the changes:

  • New, Lighter Dunlop MX51FA Front Tire
  • New Swingarm
  • Aluminum sub frame is now lighter and smaller
  • Aluminum Frame changed for better front end traction
  • New Dual Exhaust System
  • Slightly Larger Fuel Tank
  • Rear Shock shortened 14.5mm
  • Motor tweaked to provide better power from the bottom-to-mid range
  • Air Forks have replaced Traditional Spring Forks
  • Exhaust Valves are 1mm larger
  • New, High Compression Piston
  • Clutch now has six Springs instead of four

Expect to see these bikes in your local Honda dealership around September of 2012 and it’s also expected that MSRP will remain close to the 2012 model, which is under $8500.00.