The Honda Automatic Motorcycle Has A Recall

Customers were excited when American Honda Motor Corporation announced the NC700X/XD models, which could be purchased with a conventional six-speed manual clutch transmission or an automatic dual clutch transmission (yes, an automatic motorcycle), and even better yet at a really affordable price.  Arriving on showroom floors in July and dealers selling them out by August was great for both cost conscious consumers and eager to sell dealers; the economy has been rough on both of them.

The excitement came when the motorcycle, classified as a specialized motorcycle by Honda, was an automatic motorcycle that didn’t look like a scooter.  Honda hit the mark with this bike in pricing, looks and functionality; but they didn’t count on the pesky recall that was to follow two months later.

Honda NC700X/XD Recall Details:

The recall is a safety recall that affects both versions of the NC700.  It has been discovered that the drive chain on some of the affected motorcycles may have not set correctly during the manufacturing process.  There are outer plates located on the outside of the drive chain that were not hardened correctly, these outer plates could break which would cause the drive chain to separate.  If the drive chain separates then all the driving force on the motorcycle will come to an unexpected stop, which will increase the risk of a crash.

What To Do If You Own An NC700:

Honda will be sending a letter to all the owners of potentially affected motorcycles, informing them of a possible safety-related defect and instructing them to contact their nearest Honda Motorcycle Dealer for a free inspection and replacement of the drive chain if necessary.  Consumers wishing to find out if their motorcycle falls in the group of those being recalled can contact any Honda Motorcycle Dealer with the Vehicle Identification Number located on the frame of their motorcycle, and the dealership can go on-line to determine if their bike needs the inspection.