The 2014 Honda Valkyrie

The Honda Valkyrie, considered Honda’s muscle cruiser, will be making a comeback in 2014 completely redesigned.  Originally introduced in 1996 and then taken off the market nearly 10 years ago, the 2014 Honda Valkyrie has been brought up-to-date in terms of performance, features and styling.

The 2014 Honda Valkyrie gets the same 1832cc fuel injected flat-six engine as in the Goldwing and F6B. However, since the Valkyrie is 150 lbs. lighter than the Goldwing, acceleration is faster and rolling burnouts are easy with peak torque coming at only 4000rpm.  The front wheel is a tall 19 inches and the rear wheel comes sport bike size at 180/55-17 and is mounted to a single swing arm.

The 2014 Honda Valkyrie has an aluminum frame, a low center of gravity and a low seat height of 28.8 inches; giving the rider confidence with lightweight handling.  Wind protection is provided by the “pods” on either side of the machine housing the side-mounted radiator. And for those looking to ride solo, the rear seat and grab rails can be removed and replaced with sleek and stylish blanking plates that are included with every Valkyrie purchase.

With a more modern style than the original Valkryie, some of the features include LED headlights and lighting, a blacked-out full LCD instrument panel and optional ABS.

The 2014 Honda Valkyrie is expected to arrive in Honda dealerships in the early spring of 2014.  Although a price has not yet been confirmed, estimates are around $17,000 with the ABS version $1000 to $2000 more.  As with the Honda Goldwing and Honda F6B, the Honda Valkyrie will come standard with a three-year warranty and a range of accessories directly from Honda to enhance the style and performance of the Valkyrie.