The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Coming Soon…

After months of speculation and rumors, on September 13th, Kawasaki held their big event in Times Square and unveiled the new Ninja 300.

Yes, you will have to wait a while to see the new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 in person, but pictures, specs and details can be found all over the internet.  Here are some of the details that make this Kawasaki one of the hottest new affordable motorcycles on the market that appeal to both beginner and experienced riders.

The Look Of The Ninja 300

The Ninja 300 will match that of its big brother, the ZX-10R superbike. The front of the bike holds the bulk of the motorcycle while the back is tapered off for race like looks and performance. Replacing the old headlamp design, the Ninja 300 has a dual multi-reflector design with built-in turn signals.  The front end also has a new fender and a floating style windscreen.  Finally, the analog tachometer and digital instrument panel were relocated for easy viewing at-a-glance.

The Performance Of The Ninja 300

Now, with fuel injection and an extra 50cc’s the 296cc engine can provide smooth power at any speed.  Merging onto the expressway or navigating through traffic just became easier for those looking for a small bike with some power. The new FCC clutch offers new riders some assistance and a slipper function.  The slipper function offers extra control when engine braking or shifting into too low of a gear, and the driver can now exert 25% less pressure when shifting since there are fewer clutch springs.

Genuine Kawasaki Accessories For The Ninja 300

Every Ninja 300 can be personalized to the owners’ personality with a large selection of accessories to choose from available from Kawasaki.  Some of the accessories available include a taller windscreen, tank bag & soft-top case for weekend getaways; or seat cowl and frame sliders.

Consumers will have three colors to choose from: Green, White or Black, as well as an optional ABS system.  MSRP for a basic Ninja 300 starts at $4700 and depending on whether they choose the standard, special edition or ABS model the starting price can go up to $5499.  An affordable choice for everyone.