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Fulmer Helmets is introducing a new line of “Sons of Anarchy” half helmets that will be coming to motorcycle dealers across the country as the weather starts to improve, riding season begins and motorcycles come out of winter storage.  The Sons Of Anarchy helmets being released are officially licensed and will feature the show’s logo and other show-inspired graphics.

Fulmer will have the first two Sons Of Anarchy helmets on display in showrooms during the month of March and more designs based on the popular FX show will be released throughout the year.

The cast of the “Sons of Anarchy” will be making promotional appearances in support of the new half helmet line and sweepstakes for both dealers and consumers is to be announced in the near future.  Winners of the Sons of Anarchy Helmets sweepstakes will join the cast of the “Sons of Anarchy”  at a red carpet event.

Bartel’s Harley-Davidson in Los Angeles has a good relationship with Sons Of Anarchy and Fulmer Helmets, helping to create the working environment that brought these companies together and the officially licensed Sons of Anarchy helmets to the public.

Why Do Son Of Anarchy Motorcycle Helmets Looks Small?

They look small because it is the “standard” look for many cruiser riders, including most motorcycle clubs in the United States. It’s called a beanie, a shorty, skid lids or half-helmet. This helmet only covers the bare minimum allowed in states where helmets laws are enforced.

In most motorcycle clubs and MC cultures, less safety gear is more; thus the smallest legally allowed is what these motorcycle riders get.

The motorcycle helmet the actors and the riders wear in the series are not technically legal. For a helmet to be legal, it should be approved and carry a DOT endorsement. It should have at least 1 inch or more of padding between the helmet shell and the head.

The anarchy motorcycle helmet the riders wear in the show, and most motorcycle club members wear “novelty helmets.” It looks real, but it just shell and some light material to keep it from slipping off the head.   

7 Of The Best Sons of Anarchy-style Motorcycle Helmet

Aside from the officially licensed Sons of Anarchy motorcycle Fuller Helmets, other motorcycle helmet brands offer Sons of Anarchy motorcycle helmet inspired designs. Below are 7 of the best beanie helmets sold today.

1. Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap

The Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap is regarded as the smallest DOT-certified half-helmet ever made. It looks good and offers safety whenever you ride.

The Daytona Skull Cap is available in 3 different shell sizes for a perfect fit. It comes with a nylon Y-strap with a more secure D-ring retention system and a sliding adjuster.

The strap and retention systems give the biker get a snug and comfortable fit without fiddling with the chin straps.

2. Novelty Eagle Chopper Helmet

The Novelty Eagle Chopper Helmet is one badass helmet because the shell is from a unique blend of lightweight fiberglass fibers.

The Novelty Eagle Chopper Sons of Anarchy helmet is equipped with a quick-release metal clip and a padded chin strap. The helmet feels sturdy in spite of the lightweight and offers comfort. The helmet doesn’t succumb to parachuting when riding at speed and doesn’t give a mushroom look. However, this half-helmet is not DOT-approved for safety.

3. Low Profile Novelty Harley Chopper Half Helmet

The low profile looks of this Harley-style half-helmet is familiar to the fans of the series Sons of Anarchy, it comes in gloss black finish, which offers a classier and cleaner look.

This is a novelty motorbike helmet and is not DOT-approved. But it’s good to know that the ABS shell and cushioned interior will keep your head cool while you cruise the streets with your biker buddies.

The helmet comes with adjustable and padded chin straps, and durable double D-rings to keep the helmet in place.

4. Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber Half-Helmet

The Voss is the official supplier of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle helmets. The Voss 888CF DOT-approved Carbon Fiber helmet is made of a handwoven carbon-fiber composite shell that sits deep inside the rider’s head.

It also comes with tough nylon-woven chin straps and a ratchet metal quick release system that makes it easy to secure the helmet to your head.

The helmet has an interchangeable integrated visor system. The lenses come in tint and clear, and you don’t need special tools to change the lens.

The Voss 888CF Half-Helmet is also equipped with a removable and washable Kool Komfort microfiber inner liner to eliminate odors and sweat stains from the helmet liner.

5. Voss 700FRP Easy Rider Fiberglass Helmet

The Voss 700FRP Fiberglass is a light helmet that only weighs less than 2lbs. The low profile handwoven fiberglass shell sits deep in your head, giving you an outlaw motorcycle club look.

The helmet is DOT certified for safety and features a removable Kool Komfort microfiber liner to keep the interior nice and fresh. The ratchet metal quick-release system and extra strength nylon-woven chin straps give a secure fit and a no mushroom look.

6. Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet

The Crazy Al shell is made from fiberglass, and it has a Sons of Anarchy motorcycle helmet with an ultra-low-profile look that eliminates the mushroom head look.

This beanie-style helmet is DOT-certified for safety despite its lightness. Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet is comfortable, light and safe to use every day.

7. VCAN V531 Solid Half Helmet

The VCAN V531 Half Helmet is made from a blend of ABS thermoplastic resin that meets and exceeds DOT safety standards.

This helmet offers an excellent combination of style, safety, and comfort. The interior padding will keep the head cool while riding. The adjustable nylon chin strap provides the perfect fit.

The VCAN V531 is equipped with a removable visor that requires a couple of screws to keep it in place. The removable and washable cheek pad is a welcome feature to have especially if your head sweats a lot.

Final Thoughts on the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Helmets

If you ride and a big fan of Sons of Anarchy, then a half-helmet is the perfect choice for you. Pair it with your MC club vest, and these motorcycle helmets are guaranteed to give you a badass look without sacrificing comfort, style, and safety.