Quiet Police Motorcycles May Be Headed To Your Town

One good thing about police motorcycles, you could always hear them coming, but that may be a sound of the past.  Zero Motorcycles, a company that makes electronic motorcycles, is introducing a new motorcycle to law enforcement, a bike that is both quiet and fast.

This new police motorcycle is called Zero and comes equipped with lights, sirens, a shotgun mount and other equipment you see on those Harley police motorcycles.  The big difference is the sound, or lack of sound, that comes from these electric motorcycles. Giving law enforcement a chance to approach speeding vehicles without the loud pipes giving them away.

The bikes are being introduced from Santa Cruz, California all the way to London, England for field-testing and rider feedback.

Besides being quieter than their Harley-Davidson counterparts, another great feature includes the massive amount of savings when comparing the gas consumption to those big Ford Crown Victoria cruisers.  Maybe some cities and towns can afford to put more police on the force since they are putting less $$ in the tank?