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Image Source: PixabayTaking a motorcycle out for a ride is a blast, but proper preparations are necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of the vehicle. In particular, the handlebars of a motorcycle not only stabilize the rider but also provide proper steering. This article will show you how to measure motorcycle handlebars, what to do with … [Read more…]

Whether you’re a dedicated rider or just take your motorcycle out for an occasional spin, very few things can stifle your enthusiasm like a dead battery. Quick Navigation BASIC MOTORCYCLE BATTERY MAINTENANCE1. CONTINUOUSLY RECHARGE THE BATTERY2. KEEP A REGULAR MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE3. KEEP THE BATTERY TERMINALS CLEAN4. TECHNIQUES FOR EXTREME … [Read more…]

Motorcycles are complex machines but everyone from enthusiasts to mechanics can benefit from knowing how they work and the parts they’re made up of. Getting to know your bike is about more than seeing how it handles or how it runs on the road; it’s about knowing how each of its parts work in unison. This not only helps you to … [Read more…]

In this article, we’re going to talk about problems with motorcycle riding, why you may have them and how you can deal with them.The Issues with Motorcycle RidingPretty much any problem that arises in how the way your motorcycle turns, tracks or handles is going to be because of something breaking or falling out of specification. If something … [Read more…]

New cars always look so amazing. They have shiny, unmarred paint jobs without any of the dings and scratches that come from driving and parking. They have interiors that lack smells, crumbs and trash. They also have headlights that are crystal-clear with no signs of fogging. However, new cars quickly become old cars, and suddenly, there are small … [Read more…]

As your child grows, they are going to be interested in new things–and sometimes that might mean a motorized scooter for kids. Whether they see you ride on your motorcycle or ATV, or just see a scooter at their friend’s house, when your child starts asking you for a one, there are few things you should consider right from the beginning. We’ll go … [Read more…]

Taking motorcycle safety courses might not sound incredibly exciting to the average rider, but the reality is that they can be extremely useful. Riding a motorcycle—or a motorized vehicle of any kind for that matter—comes with inherent and undeniable risks, so if there are accessible ways to mitigate that risk, aren’t they at least worth exploring? … [Read more…]

In the age of smartphones, there seems to be apps for everything, and luckily for riders, that includes motorcycle apps. There are some apps that are not motorcycle-specific but none-the-less are incredibly useful. Even better are all the apps that were created with riders specifically in mind. Chances are some of the apps out there come with … [Read more…]

While motorized bicycles aren’t yet incredibly common, traditional biking has enjoyed a swell in popularity in recent years. This is largely due to the benefits that biking has over driving a car, including avoiding traffic jams and difficult parking situations, saving money on gas, and reducing your carbon footprint. However, riders can enjoy many … [Read more…]