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Great Places to Buy Quality Motorcycle Helmets Need to get your hands on some top-notch motorcycle helmets? Then we’ve got some of the best places around you can fulfill your needs.Buying a motorcycle helmet is an important investment. Making sure you’re protected adequately when biking is something that must always be considered.Finding the right … [Read more…]

Since it’s inception, Shoei has earned a widespread reputation as a leading producer of high-end motorcycle helmets. To many, the company is the world’s premier helmet manufacturer and for good reason. Known for their fit and function, Shoei helmets aren’t exactly the most affordable on the market, but with their solid reputation consumers know … [Read more…]

An exciting new product in motorcycle safety is emerging in Thailand, where 80% of road accident deaths have occurred on a motorcycle.  The result of this alarming statistic has brought the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to create the HELPMET!  This foundation has designed a helmet, appropriately renamed the helpmet, in an attempt to lessen these … [Read more…]

HJC, Bell, and Other Custom Motorcycle Helmets HJC just released some of the newest and coolest motorcycle helmets for 2016. Whether you’re looking for safety, style, comfort, or just following state law, there are tons of custom motorcycle helmets to choose from designed by many different manufacturers. Three new cool motorcycle helmets being … [Read more…]

Speed and Strength is a line of motorcycle gear carried exclusively by Tucker Rocky Distributing, and aftermarket company that has providing high quality, lower cost replacement parts for powersports vehicles as well as helmets, jackets, boots and other apparel for riders everywhere. Speed and Strength Helmets The line of Speed and Strength … [Read more…]

The weekend of September 27-29 will be more than just an  opportunity to watch the eni World Superbike Monterey Round  in Laguna Seca, California.  Bell Helmet will be giving away 25 of  their Custom-Fit Star Carbon Helmets to attendees of the race                          who pre-order their helmets using the online registration form. The Bell … [Read more…]

In the aftermath of the vicious spring storms ripping through the Midwest, there has been quite a bit of discussion in regards to the building of safe rooms or safe shelters, especially in schools. Taking both time and money to accomplish this task, there may be a less expensive and immediate option that can make a difference now. Helmets, whether … [Read more…]

North Carolina House Bill 109 will be voted on soon, and if it passes, the current helmet law making helmets mandatory will be repealed.   The proposal was approved by the House Transportation Committee in a divided voice vote, and would allow motorcycle riders older than 21 to have the option to wear or not wear a helmet. In addition … [Read more…]

Voztec, a new motorcycle helmet company based in Australia, has introduced a new top-hinged motorcycle helmet that changes more than just the color or the vent and visor features that are found on conventional motorcycle helmets on the market today. The helmet will not be available until January of 2014, but the prototype shown will come in three … [Read more…]

Fulmer Helmets is introducing a new line of “Sons of Anarchy” half helmets that will be coming to motorcycle dealers across the country as the weather starts to improve, riding season begins and motorcycles come out of winter storage.  The Sons Of Anarchy helmets being released are officially licensed and will feature the show’s logo and other … [Read more…]