Power Commanders For Motorcycles – The Basics

A Power Commander is a performance enhancement product.  Not only can it maximize performance but it can also increase efficiency.  Even if you just put a slip-on exhaust on your motorcycle, you will see a marked improvement in the running of your motorcycle after the installation of a power commander.

The power commander maps your bike’s computer to have the correct fuel to air ratio after the installation of any aftermarket modifications.  Originally, motorcycles were all carbureted, so when the bike was modified, you had a jet kit installed to adjust the fuel flow to work best with your performance accessories.  With the introduction of fuel injected and computer controlled motorcycles, came the need for power commanders. When they first came out, you had to have a computer to correctly map the power commander for you motorcycle, now you can purchase a power commander that works upon installation.

In regards to installation, if you are mechanically inclined, you may be perfectly capable of installing it yourself.  But, keep in mind, most dealerships can install a power commander in an hour, so for the small price of an hours labor, it may be well worth it.

Once you decide to install a power commander, contact your local dealer and talk to a parts or service representative about the best choices available for your motorcycle.  You can also research the different products on the Internet, ask your fellow riders or read the product reviews in the magazines.