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Great Places to Buy Quality Motorcycle Helmets Need to get your hands on some top-notch motorcycle helmets? Then we’ve got some of the best places around you can fulfill your needs.Buying a motorcycle helmet is an important investment. Making sure you’re protected adequately when biking is something that must always be considered.Finding the right … [Read more…]

Choosing new headlights for your motorcycle can be a daunting process. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, after all. Not all of us are able to ride in the best conditions and visibility matters. Most accidents wind up happening because someone couldn’t see the other cars or a sharp turn in the road. As a biker, you have to be extra careful.If … [Read more…]

Yamaha Motorcycle – The Brand According to Wikipedia, Yamaha is a Japanese company that manufactures musical instruments then further ventured in manufacturing motorcycles. In the motorcycle business, the company comes second after Honda in Japan, and has also proven that it is world-class in terms of performance, style and power. The company’s … [Read more…]

A few months ago, Polaris purchased Indian Motorcycle and recently announced three New Models for 2012. All three of these models come with a 105 cubic inch Power Plus Engine, a 5.5 gallon fuel tank, and two accessory 12V outlets. Each model also has distinct features, sure to please all Indian Motorcycle Customers and perhaps attract a few … [Read more…]

If you are looking for an ATV, there have been some great new upgrades on models for 2012. Sport and Utility ATV’s are great for both work and play. You can find a wide choice of colors and options from Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki on showroom floors at your local dealership. Yamaha brought back a favorite, the YFZ450, a popular sport model … [Read more…]

Whether it’s getting cold by you and you’re not going to be riding, or you only ride that ATV once a month, storing your battery correctly can save you money. Safety should be first, so make sure you are wearing plastic gloves, safety glasses and are familiar with how to remove the battery before you remove it for storage. 1. Remove the … [Read more…]

The popularity of scooters has risen throughout the past few years, and Honda has kept up with demand by offering scooters that go from practical to luxurious. While both stylish and trendy, Honda scooters offer exceptional quality. Honda has been designing scooters for over half a century and here are just a few you can find at your local dealer … [Read more…]

Yamaha Motorcycle Facts and Figures Yamaha Motorcycle is a brand trusted by people around the world. Although Yamaha started out as a manufacturer of pianos, they launched their first motorized vehicle in 1955. They have been unstoppable, gaining not only sales and growth but also a strong reputation in the industry. Yamaha Motorcycles A … [Read more…]

We had to post this photo because for the first time in my life and probably yours, one has seen a collaborative effort from motorcycle drivers to park their vehicle in one parking space. Is this genius or should it be a norm? … [Read more…]

Making the right choice on that first dirt bike for your child can lead to a lifetime of respect and love of motorcycling. Don’t hesitate to take your time, research the product and most importantly, listen to your child when you make that first purchase. Visit your Local Dealership: Dealerships love kids, if they don’t, don’t buy from them. A … [Read more…]