Motorcycle Storage in a Bag

For those of you who live in colder climates, proper winter motorcycle storage is essential for keeping your motorcycle running and looking great.

A new product has been released for motorcycle storage that is like no other.  Motorcycle owners will still need to  properly winterize the motorcycle  – carbureted bikes require the removal of all gas from the carbs in order to prevent  the jets from becoming clogged and requiring a $400 fix in the spring – while fuel injected bikes can get away with some stabil in the tank.  The battery still needs to be taken out and put on a trickle charger so the battery maintains life and care should be taken to make sure the tires are properly inflated to prevent flat spots.

Now, what about the moisture in the air, dings, dust, mice (they love to build nests in engines and seats), other pests and rodents and falling objects in the garage?  Consider purchasing a BikeCapsule, made by CarCapsule, for your motorcycle storage.  BikeCapsule is a 10 milliliter clear PVC container inflated by a high-pressured fan. BikeCapsule is 18-mil floor resistant to flames and fluids and the air filter allows a full cycle of air exchange eight times an hour.

According to the company, the BikeCapsule installation can be done in 7 to 10 minutes and MSRP ranges from $269 – $309.  Currently they only make an indoor version, but are working on an outdoor model for those who need outside motorcycle storage.

More information is available by calling 219-945-9493.