KTM 690 Enduro: Everything You Need To Know About It

Looking for a feisty bike that can be used in the streets and off the road? Look no further than the new KTM 690 Enduro; an affordable mid-weight bike packed with all the speed and agility you need to switch between street riding and off-roading at your whim.

Shopping for a new bike that does everything you need it to is a challenge. But for street riders with an adventurous streak, the KTM 690 Enduro might be right up your alley. The 690 Enduro does it all and has enough sporty features to appeal to all riders.

The KTM 690 is part of a lineup of KTM bikes that puts speed first. Sandwiched between the street riding 500 EXC-F and the off-roading 1090 Adventure, the 690 Enduro is just that: enduring.

This bike is just as fast as any street bike and just as hardy as any dirt bike. The 690 Enduro can take a fair amount of adventuring with ease and go right back to speeding through placid streets.

At KTM, they must have thought, “Should this be an adventuring bike or a street bike? Why not both?”. The 690 Enduro is a dual-purpose motorbike with features that are at home on both the sleekest street bike and the rowdiest dirt bike.

This bike can take you from the highway to the track without needing to haul out a trailer to switch between two bikes. We like this 2019 model’s flexibility, especially how effective the dual modes are. This bike is a perfect blend of both styles.

The new motor of the 690 Enduro is what is drawing a lot of eyes lately. The motor for this bike is a new design that trumps previous models. Usually, the deal with powerful bikes is that the motor is high on noise and vibration.

That’s not the case with this motor, which is more powerful than the previous design but also has less overall vibration. The motor also has a dual-ignition system and dual balancer shafts, which is fitting for a dual-purpose bike.

While this bike performs just as well on streets as it does off-road, some say that they have a smoother ride off-road. Experts say this is mostly due to the power of the motor and the six speed transmission, both of which are design to function best in unpredictable conditions.

However, the design of the bike is as lightweight as any street bike, which means better control for the rider since the bike isn’t as heavy as other adventure bikes. Less weight means an easier time steering, hugging tight corners, and navigating trickier terrain.

Between first-hand rider accounts and other reviews that complain on about the technical specs of this new model, we understand that it can be confusing trying to figure out if this bike is worth the ticket or not, which is why we’ve gathered the most relevant facts about the 690 Enduro.

Let’s be honest. Price is usually the first thing on our minds, and we’re happy to say that the 690 Enduro is almost $3000 cheaper than other adventuring bikes.

This isn’t a bike that will break the bank, and its parts are common enough that at-home repairs are easily made.

Adventure bikes are heavy, but like we said before, the weight of the 690 Enduro is on par with a street bike at 320 pounds. A lighter bike means better maneuverability for the rider.

The ease of control over this bike means that rocky roads and twisting streets are easily conquered. The traction control feature for both street and off-road is responsible for this ease.

The six speed transmission and quick shifter is another major draw for this bike. Until now, quick shifters have been exclusive to street bikes, but the 690 Enduro has installed quick shifters on dual-sport bikes with great success.

The 690 Enduro has a chrome trellis frame with a chassis that sets the seat at a comfortable 36 inches.

The frame also features a better suspension system than previous models, with fully adjustable circuits and 10 inches of space in either direction.

If you’re looking for a bike that can function on the street as well as it functions off-road, then the KTM 690 Enduro is the dual-sport bike you’ve been dreaming of.

With a new engine, new frame, and new transmission system that is the envy of all other bikes in this class, the 2019 model of this bike is like a fantasy come to life.

This bike will take you exactly where you want to go with speed and style.

Featured Image: Photo by Vedran Miletić from Pexels