Kawasaki’s Diesel Mule

Kawasaki Motor Corporation has designed a workhorse vehicle that is sure to please those who work outdoors and need a strong, reliable and transformable machine. The 2012 Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans4X4 Diesel offers tons of torque, four-wheel drive and power steering at a starting price of $9699.

Heavy loads are no problems with this 953cc, three-cylinder engine with a CVT transmission that can produce nearly 40 ft. of torque at 2500 RPMS. This mule can also transform from a 2-person vehicle with the capability of carrying 1100 lbs of gear or supplies, to a 4-person vehicle that can carry an additional 400 lbs.

Environmentally friendly as well, the diesel fueled engine has a crankcase that sends the vehicle gases back through the intake, the gas will then burn internally instead of externally into the environment. Another great environmental feature is the spark arrestor on the muffler, approved by the United States Forest Service, which helps prevent a fire when driving through dry brush or drought areas.

Some other features include a stiffer sidewall, 23” tire, offering a better ride and more stability in rough terrain.  It also comes with a Cyclone air cleaner that has a sensor which will light up a gauge when it’s time to be replaced.

Of course, this mule comes with the basic features as well; you’ll find a 6.4-gallon gas tank, parking brake warning light, coolant temp warning light, speedometer and a 12V DC outlet. Purchased new from a Kawasaki dealer, this mule comes with a 12-month warranty; for safety reasons, you should also consider a helmet and possibly one of the many accessories offered by Kawasaki to bolt directly onto your new mule.  Keep in mind as well, if your mule will spend a lot of time outside, a cover will keep it cleaner and protect it from the elements.

Do you own a Kawasaki Diesel Mule?  We’d love to here your opinions or reviews on this popular outdoor working vehicle.